Below find each separate session of the With Every Heartbeat Is Life manual with its accompanying handouts and picture cards.

With Every Heartbeat Is Life Manual and Picture Cards

Session 1
Knowledge Is Power: Know Your Risk for Heart Disease
Session 2
React in Time to Heart Attack Signs
Session 3
Get Energized! Say YES to Physical Activity
Session 4
Control Your Blood Pressure
Session 5
Keep Your Cholesterol in Check
Session 6
Embrace Your Health! Aim for a Healthy Weight
Session 7
Protect Your Heart From Diabetes
Session 8
Make Traditional African American Dishes Heart Healthy
Session 9
Eat Heart Healthy—Even When Time or Money Is Tight
Session 10
Take Control of Your Health: Enjoy Living Tobacco Free
Session 11
Review and Graduation
Session 12
Evaluation To Track Your Progress (Only for Community Health...
Appendix Part 1 & Part 2