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New Program to Promote Funding Stability and Scientific Innovation for NHLBI Investigators


Some of the most seminal findings in biomedical research emerge from the pursuit of curiosity, as investigators follow a specific line of inquiry to scientific breakthroughs. This innovation is fundamental to the mission of the National, Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI). However, many investigators spend an extraordinary amount of time writing and administering grants, which slows the pace of scientific discovery and can impede innovation. As NHLBI Director, I am committed to accelerating scientific discovery as investigator-initiated research is the bedrock of the NHLBI research portfolio.

As such, I am pleased to announce that the NHLBI is piloting an exciting new program to help meet this goal. This program, referred to as the NHLBI R35 Program, is designed to enhance productivity and facilitate ambitious, novel research; increase scientific innovation by enabling flexibility for new research directions; and reduce the time spent writing grants and managing multiple awards.

The R35 Program is uniquely implemented across several Institutes at NIH, and provides funding support for a research program rather than individual projects. The NHLBI R35 Program will support the research programs of NHLBI-funded investigators for up to 7 years.

The R35 Program includes two components targeting researchers at different stages of their career: the Outstanding Investigator Award (OIA) and the Emerging Investigator Award (EIA).  Eligible investigators for the OIA will have at least two NHLBI R01-equivalent awards. Eligible investigators for the EIA will have at least two NHLBI R01-equivalent awards, of which one must be an NHLBI-funded NIH Early Stage Investigator R01 award. The EIA award is intended to support the NHLBI’s goal of supporting emerging investigators into their next stage of career.

For a list of frequently asked questions about the R35 Program, click here. Please feel free to submit additional inquiries to the NHLBI R35 mailbox.

I am excited that this new R35 Program at NHLBI advances our commitment to accelerating investigator-initiated discovery science and innovation, seizing emerging scientific opportunities, as well as nurturing emerging investigators and their scientific careers. I invite you to share information about this program broadly throughout our community.