Current Vacancy

Physician - Epidemiology Branch

The Organization

The Division of Cardiovascular Sciences supports research to advance understanding of and interventions for promoting heart and vascular health across the lifespan. It also supports, plans, and conducts research and supports training in the epidemiology of cardiovascular disease and collaborates with other Divisions on lung, blood diseases, and sleep disorders. Studies are conducted to identify temporal trends and population patterns in disease risk factors, prevalence, incidence, and mortality and include large single- and multi-center observational cohort studies.

The Role

The Epidemiology Branch is seeking a physician scientist with expertise in at least one of the following areas: molecular biology, genetics, multi-omics, and/or bioinformatics; clinical informatics and/or phenomics; health disparities and social determinants of health; and/or women's health, ideally including maternal health.

More Information

For additional information about these positions, please contact, Yuling Hong, MD, PhD, Chief, Epidemiology Branch.


Application deadline is November 16, 2020. To apply, please visit:

GS-13 Physician (Research)

GS-14 Physician (Research)

GP-14 Physician