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Dr. Nabel on combating chronic diseases, a critical global issue.

Scientific discoveries know no boundaries, and neither do the chronic diseases. The chronic diseases affect many individuals in many cultures around the world. The elderly, the young, the rich, the poor. Every ethnic group in every country, worldwide.

The NHLBI Global Health Initiative is a new program to expand our knowledge and understanding of the chronic diseases [in] low- and middle-income countries worldwide. Our goal is to share knowledge, to build and enhance research and training capacity, and to ultimately prevent, diagnose, and treat chronic diseases globally.

Five years from now, I would hope that the NHLBI Global Health Initiative will have the following impact. First, that we will develop a collaborative network of programs worldwide, on every continent on the globe, working together to share common knowledge and training experiences, to really develop effective programs to prevent and treat the chronic diseases. Second, I hope that the NHLBI Global Health Initiative will raise awareness among Americans about the importance of our role in the world, with respect to medical diplomacy. That is, we can achieve peaceful efforts around the world, through sharing our medical knowledge and our medical expertise with our neighbors on a global scale. And finally, I hope that individuals in this country have an opportunity to partner, make friends, and form collegial relationships with medical and health care providers in countries throughout the world, so that the network of these collaborating centers can blossom and really develop the next generation of global health leaders worldwide.

Last Updated: August 27, 2012

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