Office of Management

The NHLBI Office of Management (OM) acts as a strategic business partner, providing expertise that enables scientific research to enhance human health. Specifically, the Office provides oversight and consultation on the internal business functions of the Institute. NHLBI’s OM provides information technology (IT), Freedom of Information Act and acquisition support services to other Institutes and Centers (ICs) within the NIH.

What We Do

Executive Office

The Office of Management (OM) provides strategic leadership, direction, oversight and consultation on the business and management operations in support of the Institute’s scientific mission. The OM directs Institute operations such as workforce management, financial management, acquisitions and purchasing, IT, ethics, and FOIA; develops, administers, and directs policies and risk management programs; oversees the development and management of policies and procedures necessary for administrative and program management activities; oversees human capital management and workforce planning; and provides data analytics and reporting on the Institute’s activities. OM also provides acquisition and FOIA services and IT tools to other National Institutes of Health Institutes (NIH) and Centers.

Administrative Management Branch

The Administrative Management Branch (AMB) manages, coordinates, and conducts day-to-day operations in support of the staff and activities that advance NHLBI’s mission and extramural research activities within the Institute. AMB’s customers are leading scientific (e.g. medical officers, research scientists, health scientist administrators) and administrative (e.g., grants and contracts specialists, program and budget analysts, and information technology specialists) NHLBI staff. AMB’s services and areas of expertise include: personnel (workforce or talent) recruitment, operational budget management, centralized services management, small purchasing, property management, and travel management.

Ethics Office

The Ethics Office plans, directs, and implements a comprehensive ethics program in accordance with the requirements established by the Office of Government Ethics, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and the NIH. Specifically, the Ethics Office provides guidance on the standards of ethical conduct and conflict of interest issues for prospective and current employees and the advisory committees that serve NHLBI; administers the filing and certification of public and confidential disclosure of employee financial interests; manages the filing and approval process for outside activities, conflicts review of sponsored travel, awards from outside organizations, honorary degrees, and widely attended gatherings; and manages ethics clearance for NIH staff participation on clinical protocols. The Office also responds to inquiries relative to conflicts of interest, acceptable gifts, and post-employment restrictions and serves as liaison to the NIH Ethics Office and the HHS Office of General Council Ethics Division.

Financial Management Branch

The Financial Management Branch (FMB) coordinates multi-year budget planning and annual execution of the NHLBI’s approximately $3 billion annual appropriation and ensures stewardship of all NHLBI financial resources. The FMB is the primary advisor to the NHLBI Director and Executive Officer and ensures funding alignment to meet strategic priorities. In this role, FMB provides financial data and guidance to support decision-making across the Institute’s portfolio. The Branch develops, executes, and reports on the Institute’s financial budget and collaborates with other OM offices to provide long-range financial planning information, monitor, and track financial resources. The FMB also processes and manages gift funds (i.e. donations to the Institute’s scientific research), advises on appropriate use of funds, and serves as liaison to the NIH Office of Budget and Office of Financial Management.

Freedom of Information and Privacy Act Branch

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act (PA) Branch provides high-level FOIA/PA privacy compliance services to promote and facilitate transparency in government while balancing the needs of customers. While operating a FOIA fee-for-service program for other NIH Institutes and Centers, this Branch also oversees the NHLBI’s records management program and coordinates clearance with the Office of Management and Budget (e.g., Public Burden Table and Federal Register Notice).

Information Technology and Applications Center

The Information Technology and Applications Center (ITAC) directs and implements a range of business, research, and clinical informatics programs in support of the biomedical research mission of the NHLBI. It articulates the NHLBI IT strategic plan, forecasts future needs, and sets and implements NHLBI IT policies and procedures. The ITAC plans, monitors, and enforces information and systems security, and oversees the day-to-day operation of NHLBI information technology and data infrastructures. The ITAC also guides and supports the NHLBI administrative and scientific staff in the development and effective use of IT applications and services; collaborates with other NHLBI Divisions, Offices, and Centers to identify IT needs and evaluate and implement IT solutions to meet those needs; and maintains a service desk as well as a walk-in software support and training center. ITAC provides application support to other NIH Institutes and Centers and serves as a liaison to NIH’s Center of Information Technology.

Office of Acquisitions

The principal function of the Office of Acquisitions (OA) is to assist in planning, awarding, monitoring, and closing Research & Development (R&D) contracts, non-R&D contracts, and simplified acquisitions, thereby achieving the NIH mission by providing expert advice to the biomedical research communities that are inside and outside the Government. The OA is also a Consolidated Operations Acquisition Center (COAC) and provides these services to other NIH Institutes and Centers.

Office of Intramural Management

The Office of Intramural Management (OIM) plans, directs, coordinates, and provides comprehensive administrative and management support services for the Division of Intramural Research. In addition, OIM provides technical and advisory services in financial management, data systems, human resources, acquisitions, facility management, travel services, and property management to ensure the efficient and effective implementation and operation of programs. OIM also develops policies, guidelines, and procedures on matters relating to administrative management and disseminates these products to staff.  OIM also provides acquisition support (orders above $3,501) and facility management to the NHLBI extramural programs and the Office of the Director.


Office of Planning, Analytics, and Evaluation

The Office of Planning, Analytics and Evaluation (OPAE) provides collaborative analytical support and business solutions to support NHLBI data-driven decision making. OPAE is comprised of two branches. The Planning and Forecasting Branch serves as the focal point for budget analysis and modeling for the Institute’s portfolio, and performs workforce analysis in support of strategic workforce planning, including facilitation of NHLBI’s personnel review processes. The Portfolio Analysis and Evaluation Branch provides robust data and portfolio analytical capabilities for data-driven decision making, conducting evaluations of program performance to guide the development of future Institute programs and initiatives.

Project Management Office

The NHLBI Project Management Office serves as a strategic partner to the NHLBI by providing expertise in essential tools needed to support business process optimization and project management. Its mission is to support and advise stakeholders through strategic partnerships in ways that align with the Institute’s mission and priorities, and encourage efficiencies, collaboration, standardization, and overall improvement at the NHLBI.

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