DIR Programs and Initiatives

The Office of the Scientific Director has established several programs and initiatives centered around a particular modality or disease, with the goal of speeding research discoveries towards clinical application. Current DIR programs focus on medical imaging and sickle cell disease.

Our Programs

Imaging Probe Development Center

The Imaging Probe Development Center provides DIR researchers with targeted imaging probes that help accelerate cell based assays, in vivo imaging studies, and translational research leading to better disease diagnosis. The Center comprises a core synthesis facility dedicated to the preparation of imaging probes, and a research component dedicated to the discovery of new imaging approaches and compositions.


Medical Signal and Image Processing Program

This program is focused on development of signal processing algorithms for applications to science and medicine. Current emphasis is on improving magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for cardiovascular applications.


Sickle Cell Program

The sickle cell program was created in 2011 to accelerate the translation of basic discovery to therapeutic application. The program is focused on pre-clinical and clinical testing of drugs and innovative compounds that reduce polymerization, improve red cell rheology, or induce fetal hemoglobin; elucidating genetic modifiers that may affect disease severity; studying and preventing end organ damage that may lead to increased morbidity and mortality; and developing potentially curative stem cell transplantation strategies.