DIR Investigators

The Division of Intramural Research (DIR) is the basic and clinical intramural research program (IRP) of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. The purview of our research is broad, encompassing investigations into the basic principles of molecular, cellular, and organ-level biology and their relationship to disease. DIR investigators also conduct concept-based clinical studies in the areas of interventional and surgical cardiology, pulmonary medicine, sickle cell anemia, bone marrow transplant, and hematologic disorders.

Providing state-of-the-art training in basic, translational, and clinical research for the next generation of scientific and clinical leaders is a high priority. The DIR provides opportunities for scientists and trainees to work together towards a better understanding of molecular machines, the cell, the body, and ultimately the treatment of human diseases.

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Last Name First Name Laboratory Name
Agbor-Enoh Sean Applied and Precision Omics
Akera Takashi Chromosome Dynamics and Evolution
Altan-Bonnet Nihal Host-Pathogen Dynamics
Balaban Robert Cardiac Energetics
Boehm Manfred Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine
Brooks Bernard Computational Biology
Campbell-Washburn Adrienne MRI Technology Program
Cao Haiming Obesity and Metabolic Diseases
Carlsson Marcus Clinical Physiology
Childs Richard Transplantation Immunotherapy
Chung Jay Obesity and Aging Research
Dunbar Cynthia Molecular Hematopoiesis
Elinoff Jason Pulmonary Vascular Biology
Epstein Neal Human Endosymbiont Medicine
Faraldo-Gómez José Theoretical Molecular Biophysics
Ferré-D'Amaré Adrian RNA Biophysics and Cellular Physiology
Fitzhugh Courtney Early Sickle Mortality Prevention
Geller Herbert Developmental Neurobiology
Glancy Brian Muscle Energetics
Greene Lois Cellular Physiology
Hammer John Molecular Cell Biology
Harbison Susan Systems Genetics
Hogg Bobby Ribonucleoprotein Biochemistry
Hourigan Christopher Myeloid Malignancies
Hwang Paul Cardiovascular and Cancer Genetics
Jiang Jiansen Membrane Proteins and Structural Biology
Johnson Andrew Hemostasis and Platelet Biology
Kanthi Yogendra Inflammation in Venous Disease and Thrombosis
Kemper Claudia Complement and Inflammation Research
Knepper Mark Epithelial Systems Biology
Knutson Jay Advanced Microscopy and Biophotonics
Kozel Beth Vascular and Matrix Genetics
Larochelle Andre Regenerative Therapies for Inherited Blood Disorders
Lederman Robert Cardiovascular Intervention
Lee Jennifer Protein Conformation and Dynamics
Leonard Warren Molecular Immunology
Levine Rodney Biochemistry
Levine Stewart Asthma and Lung Inflammation
Levy Daniel Cardiovascular Epidemiology and Genomics
Mehta Nehal Inflammation and Cardiometabolic Diseases
Mizuno Naoko Structural Biology
Moss Joel Translational Research
Mukouyama Yoh-suke Stem Cell and Neurovascular Research
Murphy Elizabeth Cardiac Physiology
Neuman Keir Single Molecule Biophysics
Olivier Kenneth Chronic Airway Infection
Pastor Richard Membrane Biophysics
Powell-Wiley Tiffany Social Determinants of Obesity and Cardiovascular Risk
Puertollano-Moro Rosa Protein Trafficking and Organelle Biology
Remaley Alan Lipoprotein Metabolism
Roger Veronique Heart Disease Pheomics
Rusan Nasser Molecular Machines and Tissue Architecture
Sack Michael Mitochondrial Biology and Metabolism
Sellers James Molecular Physiology
Taraska Justin Molecular and Cellular Imaging
Thein Swee Lay Sickle Cell Genetics and Pathophysiology
Tisdale John Cellular and Molecular Therapeutics
Tjandra Nico Structural Biophysics
Torabi-Parizi Parizad Basic and Translational Immunology
Waterman Clare Cell and Tissue Morphodynamics
Wen Han Imaging Physics
Wiestner Adrian Lymphoid Malignancies
Wong Jason Genomic Instability and Cardiopulmonary Outcomes
Xu Hong Molecular Genetics
Young Neal Hematopoiesis and Bone Marrow Failure
Zhao Keji Epigenome Biology