Office of the Clinical Director

The Office of the Clinical Director (OCD) serves to support the mission of the NHLBI Intramural clinical program by conducting outstanding investigator-initiated research, discovering mechanisms of disease, and developing novel devices, diagnostics, and therapies to benefit patients. The OCD is responsible for the oversight of the clinical research portfolio of the NHLBI’s DIR. As part of this oversight, the OCD develops and implements policies related to the conduct of human subjects research, ensuring that the clinical research programs of the Division are consistent with the overall mission of NHLBI and NIH and that they are in compliance with NIH and HHS policies guiding the conduct of clinical research. The OCD also oversees in-patient and out-patient clinical programs, and ensures the scientific integrity and quality of the clinical research and clinical care conducted by NHLBI staff. The OCD works directly with and supports the Scientific Review Board, the Institutional Review Board, and the Data Safety and Monitoring Board to ensure that the highest standards of clinical research are met. 

Our Programs

Office of Biostatistics Research

The Office of Biostatistics Research (1) Provides statistical expertise to members of all Divisions of the NHLBI and performs diverse functions in planning, designing, implementing and analyzing NHLBI-sponsored studies; (2) provides objective, statistically sound, and medically relevant solutions to problems; (3) provides a new and valid statistical solution when presented with a problem for which techniques are not yet available; (4) designs efficient studies and monitoring data while studies are ongoing; (5) advises the NHLBI regarding statistical methodology relevant to clinical research studies, survival analysis, longitudinal data analysis, and efficient study designs, including the monitoring of ongoing clinical studies for efficiency and safety of statistical genetics.


Hematology Consult Service and Hematology Oncology Fellowship Program

The Hematology Consult Service provides consultative hematology care to patients throughout the 200-bed Clinical Center and the associated outpatient clinics. This service can provide expertise in a broad spectrum of hematologic problems, with an emphasis on hemostasis and coagulation; cytopenias associate with HIV infection and other immunologic abnormalities; hematology complications of novel drug therapies; and hematologic manifestations of a diverse collection of rare diseases.

The Hematology Oncology Fellowship uses the unique clinical and basic research resources of the NIH to advance the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of hematologic and oncologic diseases by developing and training the next generation of clinicians and physician scientists. This program is jointly sponsored by the National Cancer Institute and National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.