Epidemiology and Community Health Branch

The mission of the Epidemiology and Community Health Branch (ECHB) is to deploy innovative multimodality ascertainment and analytical approaches with a unifying focus on the phenotypic expressions of heart, lung, blood and sleep (HLBS) diseases, their occurrence and outcomes in populations.

The ECHB leverages interdisciplinary collaborations and apply methods grounded in epidemiology, population “omics’, and health services delivery research. In doing so, the ECHB works on elucidating the mechanisms of HLBS diseases while evaluating the intersection of HLBS diseases with aging, multimorbidity, equity and social determinants of health in diverse populations.

Our Labs

Heart Disease Phenomics

The Laboratory of Heart Disease Phenomics focuses on defining clinical and biological heart disease phenotypes, their determinants, and associated outcomes in populations with the goal of advancing treatment and prevention.