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EPSB: NHLBI Exploratory Program in Systems Biology

Program Description

This program supports collaborative research projects for high-risk, high impact research by multidisciplinary teams of investigators that combine computational modeling with experimental validation of model predictions to advance understanding the normal physiology and perturbations associated with heart, lung, blood, and sleep (HLBS) disorders. This program uses clusters of R33 awards and has three rounds of competition. Within each round three collaborative grant clusters are expected to be funded. There will be three rounds of competition.

  • Round 1: Funded in September 2006
  • Round 2: Applications received September 2006, review March 22-23 2007, will go to May 2007 Council
  • Round 3: Applications due in September 2007, will go to May 2008 Council.

The NHLBI Program Officer for EPSB is Jennie Larkin, Ph.D.

Exploratory Programs

  • Round One
    • Blood Systems Biology (PI: Scott Diamond)
    • Mechanisms of Central Autonomic Orchestration of Blood Pressure (PI: James Schwaber)
    • Systems Biology of Angiogenesis (PI: Aleksander Popel)
  • Round Two
    • The System Biology of Sudden Cardiac Death (PI: Raimond Winslow)
    • Reverse Engineering Genetic Network Architecture for Stem-cell/Lymphocyte Transition (PI: Ellen Rothernberg)
    • Airway Hyper-responsiveness: from Molecule to Organ (PI: Michael Sanderson)
    • Microvascular O2 Delivery: Impact of Erythrocyte-Released ATP (PI: Mary Ellsworth)
    • Reconstruction & Modeling of Networks Involved in Cardiomyocyte Differentiation (PI: Shankar Subramaniam)

Program Start and End Date

September 2006 to September 2008

Original Funding Announcement (FOA)

NHLBI Exploratory Program in Systems BiologyRFA-HL-07-005 (Active), RFA-HL-06-004

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