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FBPP: Family Blood Pressure Program

Program Description

The FBPP (funded from 1995-2008) was a large multi-center genetic study of high blood pressure and related conditions in multiple ethnic groups. The program consists of four multi-center Networks: GenNet, GENOA, HyperGENexternal link, SAPPHIRe, and a Program Data Center. Data have been pooled and core variables have been standardized across the four Networks (e.g., Blood Pressure measured with Dinamap and anonymous marker genotyping by the Mammalian Genotyping Service (MGS) in Marshfield). The FBPP has made this unique data available in increments to all investigators interested in hypertension and/or cardiovascular research. These data are freely available for research purposes. Biological materials as well as extensive additional data are also available for collaborative research.

The NHLBI contacts for FBPP are Dina Paltoo, Ph.D., M.P.H. and Cashell Jaquish, Ph.D.

Related Websites:

FBPP Public Access Datasetsexternal link
Family Blood Pressure Program Data Centerexternal link
HyperGEN Data Coordinating Centerexternal link

Original Funding Announcements (FOA)

Genetic Determinants of High Blood Pressure (RFA-HL-94-011)
Notice of Limited Competition Request for Competing Applicationsexternal link (NOT-HL-04-114)

Last Updated September 2011

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