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ENDGAME: Enhancing Development of Genome-Wide Association Methods

Program Description

From 2006-2009, the NIH established a consortium of 11 research groups on Enhancing Development of Genome-wide Association Methods (ENDGAME) to advance the utility of genome-wide association studies. The consortium (funded by the NHLBI, NIEHS, NCI, NHGRI, and NIGMS) brought together expertise in genetics, epidemiology, biostatistics, and bioinformatics to develop and test innovative, informative, and cost-effective study designs and analytical strategies for performing genome-wide association studies on complex diseases.

ENDGAME Resource

ENDGAME tools updated 041709.doc (word doucment 137 KB)

Original Funding Announcement (FOA)

Design and Analysis of Genome-wide Association Studies

Last Updated September 2011

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