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Super NERD Series

The Novel Experimental Research Developments (NERD) series is an Educational Activity of the Federation of Clinical Societies (FOCIS) Center for Excellence representing a joint effort between the Infectious Disease and Immunogenetic Section (IDIS), Department of Transfusion Medicine and the Center for Human Immunology (CHI). Its scope is to reach the intra-mural community with primarily focus on the CHI membership. The NERD series favors on the presentation of novel technical and methodological advances relevant to basic and/or clinical research that would not typically fit the broader purposes of most scientific lecture series held at the NIH. The NERD series is taking advantage of the outstanding areas of expertise present in the intra-mural community and the organizers are happy to consider any suggestions/ recommendation for topics from any member of the NIH community; in addition, the NERD series encourages presentations from Academia, FDA or Commercial Sector from other National or International Institution.

The Super NERD lectures are part of the NERD series; they share the same purposes and venues but, because of the perceived broader interest of the topic discussed, are more extensively advertised.

The NERD series is organized by Dr. Marianna Sabatino (Director of NERDs) with input from the "CHI working group on standardization of tissue/sample collection and storage" chaired by Bibi Bielekova, Francesco Marincola and Giorgio Trinchieri. Further questions regarding the series and suggestions for topics/participation should be e-mailed to:

Both NERD and Super NERD series are held (unless otherwise stated) on Fridays at 3:00 PM in the Conference Room of the Department of Transfusion Medicine (1C726, Bldg 10).





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Last Updated August 2014

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