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BB&B - Bedside to Bench & Back Lecture Series

FOCIS Center of Excellence

Human immunology is a mysterious land where the intricacy of the polymorphic human being overlaps the complexity of the adaptive and innate immune-response.

The Bedside to Bench & Back (BB&B) Lecture Series is an educational activity supported jointly by the Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies (FOCIS) and the National Institutes of Health Center of Human Immunology (CHI). Its scope is to serve as a bridge between intra-mural and local extra-mural immunology community, promoting cultural exchange and collaboration between scientist and clinicians who share common interest for translational studies aimed to untie the intricacy of human immune-system.

Through thought-provoking lectures, BB&B hopes to deliver Innovative science and to trigger novel exciting investigation.

FOCIS Founder and first-President Garrison Fathman meets FCE Fellows and BB&B speakers during his WALS lecture and Visit at NIH on March 14, 2012. From left to Wright: Dr. Pradeep Dagur (NHLBI), Dr. Ping Chen (NEI), Dr. Shoba Amarnath (NCI), Dr. Davide Bedognetti (CC-DTM), Dr. Wendy Smith (NEI), Dr. Garrison Fathman, Dr. Chris Hourigan (NHLBI), Dr. Enrico Lugli (NIAID-VCR), and Dr. Michele Cardone.

The BB&B Lectures Series take advantage of the outstanding investigators present in the intra-mural and extra-mural scientific communities and are highly advertised. The organizers are happy to consider any suggestions/recommendation for topics from any member of the NIH community, Academia, FDA or Commercial Sector. The lectures should be mainly focused on the study of human subjects.

The Super BB&B lectures (launched in August 2013) are part of the BB&B series; they share the same purposes and venues but, because of the perceived broader interest of the topic discussed, are more extensively advertised. Speakers of the Super BB&B lecture Series are, in general, established investigators.

Junior faculty, young investigator and fellow are strongly encouraged to submit their lecture proposal. They will have the opportunity to discuss in detail their findings and their projects with leader investigators in the field. Dr. Francesco Marincola (CHI Associate Director, Director Clinical Center FOCIS Center of Excellence) and Dr. Robert Nussenblatt (CHI Associate Director, FOCIS President Elect) are usually present at the lecture.

Every year, BB&B Committee will select a BB&B speaker to receive the BB&B LS Award, consisting in a Travel Award to attend the FOCIS Advanced Course in Basic & Clinical Immunology or the Annual Meeting Travel Award to attend the FOCIS annual meeting.

The series is organized by Dr. Davide Bedognetti (BB&B Director, Associate Director Clinical Center FOCIS Center of Excellence) and is under the supervision of Dr. Francesco Marincola and Dr. Robert Nussenblatt.


Further questions regarding the series and suggestions for topics/participation should be e-mailed to:

To receive e-mail announcements of BB&B lecture series, please e-mail Christen Sandoval at Christen.Sandoval@nih.gov, with a subject line: "BB&B IN". To be removed from the mailing-list, send an e-mail to the same address, with a subject line: "BB&B OUT".


The lecture series are held, unless otherwise stated (1:30 - 2:30 PM) in the National Institutes of Health Cogan Conference Room of the National Eye Institutes (Room 10N-202, 10th floor), Building 10 on NIH Campus - 10 Center Drive, Bethesda, MD.

Speaker Affiliation Title Location Reference Date
Allessandra Luchini, PhD George Mason University Nanotechnology enables discovery and measurement of previously invisible biomarkers of cancer and infectious diseases Cogan Conference Room, Room 10N-202 Tamburro D and Luchini A. Multifunctional core-shell nanoparticles: discovery of previously invisible biomarkers, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 133(47), pp19178-19188 Wednesday, January 15, 2014 1:15 - 2:15 PM

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Last Updated September 2013

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