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John Tsang, Ph.D.

John Tsang photoChief, Systems Genomics and Bioinformatics Unit,
Laboratory of Systems Biology, NIAID
and Head, Computational Systems Biology, CHI


Dr. John Tsang received his B.A.Sc. and M.Math. in computer engineering and computer science, respectively, from the University of Waterloo in Canada and Ph.D. in biophysics from Harvard University. After graduating from Waterloo in 2000, he helped pioneer high-throughput computational and experimental methods to annotate the then-freshly sequenced human genome using DNA microarrays at Rosetta Inpharmatics and then led a bioinformatics group at a proteomics start-up (Caprion Proteomics). His Ph.D. research was conducted in Alexander van Oudenaarden?s systems biology laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where his research primarily focused on dissecting microRNA networks and functions. He returned to Rosetta after earning his Ph.D. in 2008 to work with Dr. Eric Schadt on integrative genomics and genetics of gene expression using large-scale data sets obtained from human and experimental mouse populations. He joined the Laboratory of Systems Biology at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to establish the Systems Genomics and Bioinformatics Unit in August 2010, with a joint appointment at the Trans-NIH Center for Human Immunology (CHI) as the head of computational systems biology. His major areas of research include integrative genomics; the systems biology of host-microbiome interactions; microRNA functions and networks; statistical genetics; and the regulation of phenotypic heterogeneity and plasticity in innate immune cells. Dr. Tsang?s work on computational and systems biology has been published in journals such as Molecular Cell, Nature, Nature Genetics, and PLoS Genetics with hundreds of citations.

Last Updated December 2011

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