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Collaborative Opportunities

Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) The Confidential Disclosure Agreement protects from disclosure information identified as "confidential" by the two or more parties wishing to discuss research efforts prior to a decision on whether to pursue a collaborative partnership. NHLBI has available a CDA for one-way disclosure of information or a mutual exchange of information. To facilitate this type of an agreement, please contact OTTAD.

Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)
A MTA is utilized when any proprietary material is exchanged, when the receiving party intends to use another’s material for his/her own research purposes, and when an informal or no research collaboration between scientists from either party is planned. Included in the MTA are provisions addressing use of the transferred material, confidentiality, data access and dissemination, publication, and the requirement that the material be used only for research purposes. NHLBI has a variety of MTAs at its disposal, depending on the type of materials transferred, therefore OTTAD should be consulted early in this decision process.

Research Collaboration Agreement (RCA) The RCA is an agreement between two entities where the contemplated research project is a collaborative effort between the parties, unlike the work under a MTA where either an informal, limited, or no collaboration is anticipated. The RCA outlines what material or expertise each party brings to the research effort and who is responsible for what portion of the research project. OTTAD works with both parties to facilitate the RCA.

Clinical Trial Agreement (CTA) To further the NIH mission, NHLBI researchers partner with outside entities by conducting clinical trials which test new drugs, devices, procedures, and other interventions on human subjects. NHLBI researchers are world-renown in their fields of expertise. The NIH Clinical Center offers a state-of-the art facility in which these clinical trials may be conducted. Contact OTTAD for additional information.

Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) The CRADA is a technology transfer agreement that makes available Government facilities, intellectual property, and expertise for collaborative interactions with commercial entities that lead to the development of improved biomedical products, processes, and services. OTTAD should be involved early in the development of a CRADA collaboration. CRADA opportunities at NHLBI and OTTAD's Clients can be viewed in TechFinder, a live search engine assisting users to locate, by keyword or taxonomy classification.

To use TechFinder, click on the link above.

  • Expand box of “Research Collaboration Opportunities”
  • Select “Technologies Available for Collaboration”

Last Updated: May 2013

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