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Biostatistics Predoctoral Training Program

University of Alabama, Birmingham of external icon
Grant #: T32 HL079888
Program Director:Hemant K. Tiwari, PhD,
Program Co-Investigators:David B. Allison, PhD,
Gary Cutter, PhD,
Contact:Derry Crawford,

Trainees Supported: Predoctoral

Areas of Emphasis: Clinical Trials. Research Methods in Statistics, Statistical Genetics/Genomics, Bioinformatics, and Big data methodology

Program Summary:

UAB's Department of Biostatistics is pleased to announce the availability of predoctoral fellowships for ambitious Biostatistics students who wish to receive rigorous training in cutting-edge technologies in statistics, genetics, genomics, and bioinformatics. Our department has undergone a renaissance in the past 14 years and developed significant strengths in Statistical Genetics/Genomics and Clinical Trials & Research Methods. We have a large, well-funded, highly active department that is evenly split between methodological and applied research. The proposed structured training program offers predoctoral fellowships to prepare scientists for careers in biostatistics specifically aimed at heart, lung and blood (HLB) research. The program aims to develop independent investigative skills in the development, evaluation, and application of advanced statistical methods. To support this goal, HLB experience is provided via co-mentorship by UAB’s well established NHLBI-funded investigators. In addition, the department has been successful in producing a high proportion of minority graduates (In the NSF Public Database, the highest of the top 4 schools in Biostatistics: UAB (7), UNC (5), UW (4) and Harvard (4)

Statistical Genetics Postdoctoral Training Program of external icon
Grant #: T32 HL072757
Program Director:Hemant K. Tiwari, PhD,
Contact:Derry Crawford,

Trainees Supported: Postdoctoral

Areas of Emphasis: Statistical Genetics/Genomics, Bioinformatics, and genetics of CVD

Program Summary:

Our structured but flexible training program offers 2-3 year fellowships to prepare postdoctoral scientists for careers in statistical genetics/genomics and heart, lung and blood (HLB) related research. The program aims to develop independent rigorous investigative skills through regular participation in research, courses, and didactic seminars. Training is provided in foundations of statistical genetics/genomics and state-of-the-art computational tools in genetic/genomic analysis. Applied experience is provided via HLB-related investigative programs at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). The proposed program has several notable strengths including: (1) A statistical genetics/genomic and genetic epidemiology faculty that is large in number and has expertise in topics spanning study design, analysis of large and complex pedigrees, modeling of twin and family data, analysis of microarray data, pharmacogenomics; analysis of exome sequencing; analysis of epigenomic data; (i) analysis of next generation sequencing data; and analysis of experimental crosses in model organisms; (2) Close collaborative ties with applied HLB investigators who are producing or in possession of existing data sets to which statistical genetic techniques can be applied; Trainees work with faculty in Statistical Genetics and are jointly mentored by collaborating faculty in HLB research.

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Last updated: June 2014

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