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Research Training in CVD Epidemiology and Prevention

Northwestern University of external icon
Program Director: Philip Greenland, MD,
Co-Directors: Mercedes Carnethon, PhD,
Martha Daviglus, MD, PhD,
Contact: Francisca (Frances) Crespo, 312-503-4037

Trainees Supported: Postdoctoral PhD or MD (4)

Areas of Emphasis: Cardiovascular epidemiology, CVD prevention, biostatistics, quantitative assessment of longitudinal risk, nutrition, behavioral medicine, vascular medicine, endocrinology, CV imaging, health services research, applied genetics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics

Program Summary:

This is a long-running multi-disciplinary research training program (now in Year 11) in cardiovascular disease (CVD) epidemiology and prevention. The T32 supports 4 postdoctoral trainees (either MD or PhD) for a training period that is typically 2 years in duration. Mentored research experiences are complemented by coursework that is tailored to the individual needs of each trainee.

The overall experience is designed to assure a strong preparation for success in future independent research careers. The Program creates individual development plans (IDP) for each trainee and provides regular oversight by at least 2 mentors to meet training goals. Additional mentors from related fields such as cardiology, metabolic diseases, sleep medicine, and basic CV sciences, are available depending on the individual needs of the postdoctoral trainee.

Recent innovations in the program include: 1) Enhancing minority recruitment by developing targeted pipelines with institutions that enroll significant numbers of minority graduate students in the public health sciences. 2) Continued improvement in training of the program's highly experienced mentors, combined with newly-structured mentor evaluations. 3) Assuring that all trainees have at least 2 mentors. 4) Enhanced attention to career development and "survival" skills, including new biweekly conferences primarily for trainees in the T32 program.

Trainees are drawn from both clinical backgrounds (primarily MD intending to pursue a physician/scientist career in cardiovascular medicine and preventive cardiology) or from research backgrounds (PhD in biostatistics, epidemiology, nutrition, or other fields related to CVD prevention research) planning a career in CVD epidemiology or prevention. The Program Director, Co-Directors, and mentors are a highly experienced group, and most have worked together for many years which helps to assure coordinated and collaborative training.

In addition to the Program Leaders (Drs. Greenland, Daviglus, and Carnethon), the other Primary Mentors are: David Cella, PhD (Professor and Chair of the Department of Medical Social Sciences Kiang Liu, PhD (Professor of Preventive Medicine); Donald M. Lloyd-Jones, MD, ScM (Eileen M. Foell Professor of Preventive Medicine and Medicine and Chair of the Department of Preventive Medicine); Mary M. McDermott, MD (Professor of Medicine and Preventive Medicine); Bonnie Spring, PhD (Professor of Preventive Medicine, Psychology and Psychiatry); Jeremiah Stamler, MD (Professor of Preventive Medicine); Linda Van Horn, RD, PhD (Professor of Preventive Medicine) .

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Last updated: June 2014

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