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Protégé Testimonials

The following are some samples:

"I thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to be a protégé in the eMentoring initiative. My eMentor was very helpful. She reviewed and edited my grant applications and career statement and offered suggestions. She even offered encouragement when my grant was not funded, reminding me of the need to learn from the experience and resubmit."

"My eMentoring relationship over the past 8 months has been quite supportive in a number of ways. We have discussed several possibilities with regard to finding an R01 research project with a PI who is willing to expand his/her program through a supplement grant. I believe that I am especially eligible for a supplement through the NIH Re-entry program for women in bio-medical research. Although I have not yet found an appropriate research program to support such a supplement, I am optimistic that an appropriate project will be found if I am granted additional time with an eMentor."

"I found the experience extremely rewarding for several reasons. My eMentor is highly experienced and offered this to me through his knowledge, personal insights and pointing out some of the practical aspects of the grant-writing process. He was extremely generous, not only with time on the phone, but by linking me to some of his former students/mentees who have research interests that are similar to my own. In short, he offered the kind of real world support that helped to demystify the process and also helped me to focus on the kinds of grants best suited for my research experience. His help, and yours (the NHLBI eMentoring team), has led me to apply for a supplement."

"My eMentor helped with: my academic success through helping with a course project; updating my CV; procuring an internship at PAHO/WHO (I was offered a position in DC). He has also offered to help me obtain funding through supplements/fellowships/other sources, if I decided to apply to the college with which he is affiliated."

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