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Learn aboout the tools used by our mentors
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Welcome Potential Mentors

The Mentor can serve as a role model, teacher, respected consultant, faculty advisor, or career advisor.

Is eMentoring right for you?

Requirements to be a MENTOR:

  • A principal investigator who is currently a NHLBI-supported researcher.
  • Willing to mentor, via eMail, college students, post baccalaureate individuals, post docs, and/or non-tenured faculty members (You may state your academic level preference).
  • Exchange eMail messages regularly with the Protégé over an 8-month period.
  • An additional “formal” 8-month eMentoring period can be re-established with the concurrence of both the Mentor and Protégé by contacting the eMentoring team (
  • Have access to eMail.
  • Be attentive to eMails with "NHLBI eMentoring Initiative Request" in the subject line.

Examples where the MENTOR might offer assistance:

  • to review articles for publication;
  • to review applications for summer programs or graduate programs;
  • to review and guide Protégé on improving chances for admission to graduate school or programs;
  • to help Protégé with a small grant application process.

You may withdraw from the program at any time. Simply eMail the NHLBI eMentoring Initiative team with the subject line "Mentor Unsubscribe" to temporarily or permanently remove your name from the list of available mentors.

Are you a NHLBI-Supported Researcher?

Contact Us: or 301-451-5081

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