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eMentoring: An Online Mentoring Initiative

Purpose of Online Mentoring

To provide online mentoring to students and junior faculty in science-related fields.

The goal of the Initiative is to provide Protégés with Mentors. This online mentoring partnership will help to enhance the Protégés skills and intellectual growth in science-related fields, facilitate their successful entry into related research careers, and promote interdisciplinary collaborations and training and career development.

How is online mentoring beneficial?

Mentoring occurs electronically making face to face meetings unnecessary. Hence, physical distances and constraints of time for meetings are not issues. Online mentoring can be used globally.

The initiative is not a resource for job opportunities. However, websites listed under "Other Resources" may be helpful to Protégés seeking research experiences.

The eMentoring initiative is envisioned as a particularly valuable resource for individuals that are located in less-research intensive institutions.

Would you like to be a Mentor?

The Mentor can serve as a role model, teacher, repected consulant, faculty advisor, or career advisor. The Mentor could help the Protégés envision and plan their career, advise them in networking, building bridges, and developing into successful professionals.

Protégé, do you need a Mentor?

The Protégé can be a student or junior faculty member seeking a Mentor through the online mentoring partnership to help increase his/her chance for success in the pursuit of a career in science-fields.

Additional Questions?
Please do not hesitate to contact the NHLBI eMentoring team at: or 301-451-5081.

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