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Imaging Probe Development Center

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September 2013
Principal Investigators (NIH Institute/Center) and Titles of Projects
Undertaken at the IPDC since its Establishment
James B. Mitchell, Ph.D., and Murali Krishna Cherukuri, Ph.D., Acting Directors
9800 Medical Center Drive, Building B, #3040, Rockville, MD 20850
Contact Us: 301-217-5769

Dr. Baron (NIAID); 'Fluorescent Probes to Image Prion Protein Trafficking' 
Dr. Blumenthal (NCI); 'Synthesis of FITC-aldehyd' 
Dr. Braun (NIDCD); 'Thyroid Hormone Actions in CNS Studied with I-124 PET' 
Dr. Brechbiel (NCI); 'Synthesis of Peptides for use as Dendrimer Conjugates for Development of Targeted MR Contrast Agents' 
Dr. Brechbiel (NCI); 'γ-H2AX Antibody Conjugate to Peptides for Cell internalization' 
Dr. Bryant (CC); 'Development of biocompatible molecular imaging probes targeted to oxidized low density lipoproteins in vulnerable atherosclerotic plaque' Dr. Bugge (NIDCR); 
Dr. Leppla (NIAID); 'Protease Imaging Agents' 
Dr. Capala (NCI); 'Affibody-Based Molecular Imaging Probes for in Vivo Characterization of Growth Factor Expression'
Dr. Carrillo-Carrasco (NCATS); Dr. Porter (NICHD); ‘Hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodexrin labeling for PET scan’ 
Dr. Carroll-Portillo (Sandia National Laboratories); 'f PEG-Chol’ 
Dr. Cherukuri (NCI); 'Nitroxide Radical Probes as Redox-sensitive MRI Contrast Agents for Assessment of Radiation-Induced Damage, Neuropathological Diseases, and Inflammation' 
Dr. Chock (NHLBI); 'Synthesis of a fluorogenic substrate for phospholipase C' 
Dr. Choyke (NCI); 'Gadolinium Labeled PAMAM Dendrimers for Vascular Imaging' 
Dr. Choyke (NCI); 'Development of a Practical 18F-based Blood Pool Label'
Dr. Choyke, Dr. Jagoda, Dr. Bottaro (NCI); ‘Syntheses of Highly Specific c-MET Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors, Precursors and F-18 Radiolabeled Analogs for PET Imaging Studies of the c-Met Receptor’
Dr. Choyke, Dr. Kobayashi (NCI); ‘Rapid Cancer Detection Using a Topically Administered Fluorescent Probe’
Dr. Choyke (NCI); ‘The Development of 18F-Radiolabeled Glutamine for Oncologic Imaging’
Dr. Choyke, Dr. Jagoda, Dr. Bottaro, (NCI); ‘Synthesis of [18F]Met peptide (GE:[18F]AH113804) for PET Imaging’
Dr. Clore (NIDDK); 'Synthesis of the CLaNP-5 caged lanthanide NMR probe for paramagnetic relaxation enhancement studies on the structure and dynamics of biological macromolecules and their complexes’ 
Dr. Combs (NHLBI); 'Synthesize the Oxygen Sensing Probe PTP-C343' 
Dr. Diamond (NINDS); 'Caged mGluR Antagonist for Rapid Activation on ON Bipolar Cells in Retina' 
Dr. Doroshow (NCI); 'ApoSense Imaging Probe Development' 
Dr. Doroshow (NCI); 'Lapatinib Imaging Probe Development' 
Dr. Doroshow (NCI); 'ICMT-11 Precursor' 
Dr. Dyall (NIAID); 'Development of Radiolabeled Substrates of HSV-1 Thymidine Kinase for In Vivo Molecular Imaging of Infectious Diseases'
September 2013
Dr. Dyall (NIAID); ‘Development of imaging probes for the in vivo Molecular Imaging of ebolavirus infection'
Dr. Ferre-D’Amare (NHLBI); ‘Synthesis of Hexammineirdium (III) Chloride’ 
Dr. Fessler (NIEHS); 'Synthesis of fPEG-cholesterols for Imaging Lipid rafts' 
Dr. Freed (NCI-Frederick); 'Fluorescent Analogs of AME' 
Dr. Freed (NCI-Frederick); 'Synthesis of the Photostable Biarsenical Dye 4",5"-Bis(1,2,3-dithioarsolan-2yl)-2",7"-difluorofluorescein (F2-FlAsH-EDT 2)'
Dr. Freed (NCI-Frederick); Dr. Steven (NIAMS); ‘Synthesis of a derivative of the HIV-1 maturation inhibitor Bevirimat (BVM) coupled to undecagold’
Dr. Galbraith (NIDCR); ‘Synthesis of Caged Q-rhodamine and Fluorescein Conjugated to the Antibody 9EG7' 
Dr. Gandjbakhche (NICHD); 'Modulation of Fluorescence Lifetime with Metal Chelates' 
Dr. Gandjbakhche (NICHD); 'Synchronization of Fluorescence Enhancement and Radioactive Decay using a Radionuclide Fluorescence-Quenched Dye'
Dr. Gershengorn (NIDDK); ‘Imaging Probes for the Human TSH Receptor' 
Dr. Gottesman (NCI); 'ABCG2-Specific Imaging Agents for Breast Cancer' 
Dr. Gottesman (NCI); 'Proposal for Synthesis of Tiopronin Analogs'
Dr. Hall (NCI); 'Syntheses of fluorescent derivatives of NSC73306'
Dr. Hall (NCI); ‘Understanding the Cellular Dynamics of Pt-based Drugs In Vitro and In Vivo Using a Fluorescent Version of Cisplatin’ 
Ms. Hawkins (NCI); 'Syntheses of Ribose and Deoxyribose Pteridine RNA-DNA Fluorescent Analogs for Incorporation into RNA/DNA for Dynamic and Functional Studies' 
Dr. Hirsch (NIAID); 'Clinde Synthesis'
Dr. Holmgren (NINDS); ‘Synthesis of fluorescent unnatural amino acids’ 
Dr. Isaac(NINDS); 'Caged AMPA Receptor Ligands for use with Two-Photon Excitation' 
Dr. Jackson (MedImmune); 'Radiolabeled Eph1A MAb' 
Dr. Jacobson (NIDDK); 'Radioligands for In Vivo Imaging of A3 Adenosine Receptors'
Dr. Jacobson (NIDDK); ‘Development of novel fluorescent probes of P2Y receptors’ 
Dr. Jagoda (NCI); 'Synthesis of Radiolabeling Precursors c-MET Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors' 
Dr. Jagoda (NCI); 'Synthesis of 84Zr or 124I antibody/antibody fragments for PET Imaging' 
Dr. Klein (NICHD); 'Dopamine 4 receptors' 
Dr. Ksendzovsky (CC); ‘Studies on Glioma Pathogenesis' 
Dr. Knutson (NHLBI); 'Design and Synthesis of Luminescent Probes suitable for use in Nonlinear Optical and Superresolution Microscopy (STED, STAQ and beyond)' 
Dr. Krensky, Dr. Clayberger (NCI); 'Biology and clinical relevance of Granulysin' 
Dr. Lavis (Howard Hughes Medical Institute/JFRC); 'The Synthesis and Utility of Small-molecule Fluorescent Dyes, including Photoswitchable Fluorophores and Fluorogenic Enzyme Substrates’ 
Dr. Le Grice (NCI); 'Synthesis of the Trifunctional Agent NBzM'
September 2013
Dr. Lippincott-Schwartz (NICHD); 'Synthesis of Caged Fluorescent Molecules for Photoactivation Localization Microscopy (PALM)' 
Dr. Marugan (NCATS); ‘Fluorescent Beta Cyclodextrin Probes'
Dr. Marugan (NCATS); Dr. Kim (NIAAA); ‘Radiolabeling DHA Analog’
Dr. Marugan (NCATS); ‘Tocopherol Derivatives’
Dr. Marugan (NCATS); ‘HCV Screening’
Dr. Marugan (NCATS); ‘Recombinant Relaxin’ 
Dr. Meckel (NIAID); 'Caged Fluorophores' 
Dr. Miller (NIAID); 'Fluorescent photoactivation localization microscopy (FPALM) with caged fluorophores (secondary antibody conjugates) to study Plasmodium merozoite- RBC moving junction'
Dr. Mitchell, Dr. Krishna (NCI); ‘Arylboronate, a specific fluorescence based detector of intracellular hydrogen peroxide’
Dr. Mitchell, Dr. Krishna (NCI); ‘A blood-brain barrier permeable pyrroline nitroxide as a T1 contrasting therapeutic’
Dr. Mitchell, Dr. Krishna (NCI); ‘Solid paramagnetic charge transfer complexes for EPR Imaging studies’
Dr. Mitchell, Dr. Krishna (NCI); ‘Metabolic MRI studies using hyperpolarized tracers 13C labeled glucose and dethyl succinate ‘ 
Dr. Newman (NIDA); 'D3 Receptor Imaging Agents' 
Dr. Park (NINDS); 'Synthesis of fluorescently labeled and sulfhydryl modified pH sensitive polymers for development as siRNA delivery agents' 
Dr. Potter (DoD); 'Development of Novel Manganese Chelates for Studying Mineralization' 
Dr. Polouchine (Fidelity Systems, Inc.);'Pteridinyl-Nucleotide Derivatives' 
Dr. Qasba (NCI); 'Proposal for the Synthesis of UDP2ketoGal' 
Dr. Rein (NCI); 'Request for Biarsenical Compounds' 
Dr. Remaley (CC); '[19F] Cholesterol for MRI Studies Using Lipid Droplets' 
Dr. Roney (CC); 'Targeted Oral Contrast Development for Colonic Polyp Detection on Computed Tomography' 
Dr. Rubin (NCI); '125 I-Radiolabeling of Secreted Frizzled-Related Protein-1' 
Dr. Sarin (CC); 'Gadolinium-PAMAM Dendrimer-Peptide Conjugates for In Vivo Targeting of Astrocytoma via Kinin Receptors' 
Dr. Sarraf (NIAMS); 'Proposal for Imaging of SAA Amyloidosis' 
Dr. Shroff (NIBIB); 'Synthesis of Caged Rhodamine for Superresolution Studies in Thick Samples' 
Dr. Sidransky (NHGRI); 'Probes for Imaging Gaucher Disease' 
Dr. Soldatov (NIA); 'Cy3 Fluorescent Derivative of Gabapentine as a New Tool of Calcium Channel Research with Potential Application in Anthrax Study'
Dr. Subramaniam (NCI); 'Construction of Gold-based Imaging Probes for Mapping Drug Binding Sites on HIV-1 Envelope Glycoproteins'
September 2013
Dr. Taraska (NHLBI); ‘Nanogold functionalized with O6-benzylguanine for SNAP-tag labeling in electron microscopy’
Dr. Tatum (NCI); 'Panitumumab-CHX-A' 
Dr. Tootell (NIMH); 'SPIO MRI Agents' 
Dr. Ungerleider (NIMH); 'Novel Neural MRI Tracers for Anterograde and Retrograde Transport Studies' 
Dr. Wierzchoslawsi (NCI); 'Fluorescence Labeled Nucleotides as Probes for In Vivo Detection of HIV-1 Preintegration Complexes' 
Dr. Wu (Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique (CEA));'Conjugates of Gadolinium-Chelates for Preclinical MRI Studies' 
Dr. Young (NIMH); 'Radiolabeling of Vasopressin 1b Receptor Ligands' 
Dr. Zheng (NHGRI); 'Development of Fluorogenic Substrates of Alpha-Glucosidase, Alpha-Galactosidasse and Glucocerebrosidase for Research on Pompe, Fabry and Gaucher Diseases'
Dr. Zheng (NHGRI); ‘Fluorescence labeled delta-tocopherol and alpha-tocopherol’

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