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Paul M. Hwang, M.D., Ph.D.


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Paul M. Hwang
Senior Investigator

P: +1 301 435 3068
F: +1 301 402 0888

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Mitochondrial disulfide relay mediates translocation of p53 and partitions its subcellular activity.
Zhuang J, Wang PY, Huang X, Chen X, Kang JG, Hwang PM.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2013 Oct 22;110(43):17356-61.
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Increased oxidative metabolism in the Li-Fraumeni syndrome.
Wang PY, Ma W, Park JY, Celi FS, Arena R, Choi JW, Ali QA, Tripodi DJ, Zhuang J, Lago CU, Strong LC, Talagala SL, Balaban RS, Kang JG, Hwang PM.
N Engl J Med. 2013 Mar 14;368(11):1027-32.
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Metabolic regulation of oxygen and redox homeostasis by p53: lessons from evolutionary biology?
Zhuang J, Ma W, Lago CU, Hwang PM.
Free Radic. Biol. Med. 2012 Sep 15;53(6):1279-85.
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p53: exercise capacity and metabolism.
Wang PY, Zhuang J, Hwang PM.
Curr Opin Oncol. 2012 Jan;24(1):76-82.
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Li-Fraumeni syndrome: report of a clinical research workshop and creation of a research consortium.
Mai PL, Malkin D, Garber JE, Schiffman JD, Weitzel JN, Strong LC, Wyss O, Locke L, Means V, Achatz MI, Hainaut P, Frebourg T, Evans DG, Bleiker E, Patenaude A, Schneider K, Wilfond B, Peters JA, Hwang PM, Ford J, Tabori U, Ognjanovic S, Dennis PA, Wentzensen IM, Greene MH, Fraumeni JF Jr, Savage SA.
Cancer Genet. 2012 Oct;205(10):479-87.
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p53, aerobic metabolism, and cancer.
Lago CU, Sung HJ, Ma W, Wang PY, Hwang PM.
Antioxid. Redox Signal. 2011 Sep 15;15(6):1739-48.
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Zinc finger protein tristetraprolin interacts with CCL3 mRNA and regulates tissue inflammation.
Kang JG, Amar MJ, Remaley AT, Kwon J, Blackshear PJ, Wang PY, Hwang PM.
J. Immunol. 2011 Sep 1;187(5):2696-701.
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Ambient oxygen promotes tumorigenesis.
Sung HJ, Ma W, Starost MF, Lago CU, Lim PK, Sack MN, Kang JG, Wang PY, Hwang PM.
PLoS ONE. 2011;6(5):e19785.
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FOS expression in blood as a LDL-independent marker of statin treatment.
Kang JG, Sung HJ, Jawed SI, Brenneman CL, Rao YN, Sher S, Facio FM, Biesecker LG, Quyyumi AA, Sachdev V, Hwang PM.
Atherosclerosis. 2010 Oct;212(2):567-70.
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Mitochondrial respiration protects against oxygen-associated DNA damage.
Sung HJ, Ma W, Wang PY, Hynes J, O'Riordan TC, Combs CA, McCoy, Bunz F, Kang JG, Hwang PM.
Nat Commun. 2010;1:5.
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p53 improves aerobic exercise capacity and augments skeletal muscle mitochondrial DNA content.
Park JY, Wang PY, Matsumoto T, Sung HJ, Ma W, Choi JW, Anderson SA, Leary SC, Balaban RS, Kang JG, Hwang PM.
Circ. Res. 2009 Sep 25;105(7):705-12, 11 p following 712.
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The ClinSeq Project: piloting large-scale genome sequencing for research in genomic medicine.
Biesecker LG, Mullikin JC, Facio FM, Turner C, Cherukuri PF, Blakesley RW, Bouffard GG, Chines PS, Cruz P, Hansen NF, Teer JK, Maskeri B, Young AC, NISC Comparative Sequencing Program, Manolio TA, Wilson AF, Finkel T, Hwang P, Arai A, Remaley AT, Sachdev V, Shamburek R, Cannon RO, Green ED.
Genome Res. 2009 Sep;19(9):1665-74.
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Polo-like kinases mediate cell survival in mitochondrial dysfunction.
Matsumoto T, Wang PY, Ma W, Sung HJ, Matoba S, Hwang PM.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 2009 Aug 25;106(34):14542-6.
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The Krebs cycle meets the cell cycle: mitochondria and the G1-S transition.
Finkel T, Hwang PM.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 2009 Jul 21;106(29):11825-6.
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Increased peripheral benzodiazepine receptors in arterial plaque of patients with atherosclerosis: an autoradiographic study with [(3)H]PK 11195.
Fujimura Y, Hwang PM, Trout Iii H, Kozloff L, Imaizumi M, Innis RB, Fujita M.
Atherosclerosis. 2008 Nov;201(1):108-11.
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How does p53 regulate mitochondrial respiration?
Fields J, Hanisch JJ, Choi JW, Hwang PM.
IUBMB Life. 2007 Oct;59(10):682-4.
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Augmented Wnt signaling in a mammalian model of accelerated aging.
Liu H, Fergusson MM, Castilho RM, Liu J, Cao L, Chen J, Malide D, Rovira II, Schimel D, Kuo CJ, Gutkind JS, Hwang PM, Finkel T.
Science. 2007 Aug 10;317(5839):803-6.
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Resizing the genomic regulation of restenosis.
Matsumoto T, Hwang PM.
Circ. Res. 2007 Jun 8;100(11):1537-9.
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A pivotal role for p53: balancing aerobic respiration and glycolysis.
Ma W, Sung HJ, Park JY, Matoba S, Hwang PM.
J. Bioenerg. Biomembr. 2007 Jun;39(3):243-6.
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Genomic analysis of circulating cells: a window into atherosclerosis.
Kang JG, Patino WD, Matoba S, Hwang PM.
Trends Cardiovasc. Med. 2006 Jul;16(5):163-8.
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p53 regulates mitochondrial respiration.
Matoba S, Kang JG, Patino WD, Wragg A, Boehm M, Gavrilova O, Hurley PJ, Bunz F, Hwang PM.
Science. 2006 Jun 16;312(5780):1650-3.
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Atherosclerotic plaque macrophage transcriptional regulators are expressed in blood and modulated by tristetraprolin.
Patino WD, Kang JG, Matoba S, Mian OY, Gochuico BR, Hwang PM.
Circ. Res. 2006 May 26;98(10):1282-9.
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Kruppel-like factor 2 (KLF2) regulates proinflammatory activation of monocytes.
Das H, Kumar A, Lin Z, Patino WD, Hwang PM, Feinberg MW, Majumder PK, Jain MK.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 2006 Apr 25;103(17):6653-8.
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Pharmacologic and toxicologic evaluation of C. novyi-NT spores.
Diaz, Cheong I, Foss CA, Zhang X, Peters BA, Agrawal N, Bettegowda C, Karim B, Liu G, Khan K, Huang X, Kohli M, Dang LH, Hwang P, Vogelstein A, Garrett-Mayer E, Kobrin B, Pomper M, Zhou S, Kinzler KW, Vogelstein B, Huso DL.
Toxicol. Sci. 2005 Dec;88(2):562-75.
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Targeted disruption of p53 attenuates doxorubicin-induced cardiac toxicity in mice.
Shizukuda Y, Matoba S, Mian OY, Nguyen T, Hwang PM.
Mol. Cell. Biochem. 2005 May;273(1-2):25-32.
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Circulating transcriptome reveals markers of atherosclerosis.
Patino WD, Mian OY, Kang JG, Matoba S, Bartlett LD, Holbrook B, Trout, Kozloff L, Hwang PM.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 2005 Mar 1;102(9):3423-8.
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Evaluation of pulsed Doppler tissue velocity imaging for assessing systolic function of murine global heart failure.
Matoba S, Hwang PM, Nguyen T, Shizukuda Y.
J Am Soc Echocardiogr. 2005 Feb;18(2):148-54.
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Current and future applications of SAGE to cardiovascular medicine.
Patino WD, Mian OY, Shizukuda Y, Hwang PM.
Trends Cardiovasc. Med. 2003 May;13(4):163-8.
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Serial analysis of gene expression: technical considerations and applications to cardiovascular biology.
Patino WD, Mian OY, Hwang PM.
Circ. Res. 2002 Oct 4;91(7):565-9.
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Ferredoxin reductase affects p53-dependent, 5-fluorouracil-induced apoptosis in colorectal cancer cells.
Hwang PM, Bunz F, Yu J, Rago C, Chan TA, Murphy MP, Kelso GF, Smith RA, Kinzler KW, Vogelstein B.
Nat. Med. 2001 Oct;7(10):1111-7.
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PUMA induces the rapid apoptosis of colorectal cancer cells.
Yu J, Zhang L, Hwang PM, Kinzler KW, Vogelstein B.
Mol. Cell. 2001 Mar;7(3):673-82.
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Cooperative effects of genes controlling the G(2)/M checkpoint.
Chan TA, Hwang PM, Hermeking H, Kinzler KW, Vogelstein B.
Genes Dev. 2000 Jul 1;14(13):1584-8.
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Identification and classification of p53-regulated genes.
Yu J, Zhang L, Hwang PM, Rago C, Kinzler KW, Vogelstein B.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 1999 Dec 7;96(25):14517-22.
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Analysis of human transcriptomes.
Velculescu VE, Madden SL, Zhang L, Lash AE, Yu J, Rago C, Lal A, Wang CJ, Beaudry GA, Ciriello KM, Cook BP, Dufault MR, Ferguson AT, Gao Y, He TC, Hermeking H, Hiraldo SK, Hwang PM, Lopez MA, Luderer HF, Mathews B, Petroziello JM, Polyak K, Zawel L, Kinzler KW.
Nat. Genet. 1999 Dec;23(4):387-8.
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Disruption of p53 in human cancer cells alters the responses to therapeutic agents.
Bunz F, Hwang PM, Torrance C, Waldman T, Zhang Y, Dillehay L, Williams J, Lengauer C, Kinzler KW, Vogelstein B.
J. Clin. Invest. 1999 Aug;104(3):263-9.
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Expression of Id1 results in apoptosis of cardiac myocytes through a redox-dependent mechanism.
Tanaka K, Pracyk JB, Takeda K, Yu ZX, Ferrans VJ, Deshpande SS, Ozaki M, Hwang PM, Lowenstein CJ, Irani K, Finkel T.
J. Biol. Chem. 1998 Oct 2;273(40):25922-8.
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Localization of neuronal nitric oxide synthase.
Chao DS, Hwang PM, Huang F, Bredt DS.
Meth. Enzymol. 1996;268:488-96.
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CDRK and DRK1 K+ channels have contrasting localizations in sensory systems.
Hwang PM, Cunningham AM, Peng YW, Snyder SH.
Neuroscience. 1993 Aug;55(3):613-20.
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High-affinity cAMP phosphodiesterase and adenosine localized in sensory organs.
Borisy FF, Hwang PN, Ronnett GV, Snyder SH.
Brain Res. 1993 May 7;610(2):199-207.
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Differential localization of phosphoinositide-linked metabotropic glutamate receptor (mGluR1) and the inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor in rat brain.
Fotuhi M, Sharp AH, Glatt CE, Hwang PM, von Krosigk M, Snyder SH, Dawson TM.
J. Neurosci. 1993 May;13(5):2001-12.
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Contrasting immunohistochemical localizations in rat brain of two novel K+ channels of the Shab subfamily.
Hwang PM, Fotuhi M, Bredt DS, Cunningham AM, Snyder SH.
J. Neurosci. 1993 Apr;13(4):1569-76.
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A novel K+ channel with unique localizations in mammalian brain: molecular cloning and characterization.
Hwang PM, Glatt CE, Bredt DS, Yellen G, Snyder SH.
Neuron. 1992 Mar;8(3):473-81.
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The Drosophila learning and memory gene rutabaga encodes a Ca2+/Calmodulin-responsive adenylyl cyclase.
Levin LR, Han PL, Hwang PM, Feinstein PG, Davis RL, Reed RR.
Cell. 1992 Feb 7;68(3):479-89.
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Nitric oxide synthase protein and mRNA are discretely localized in neuronal populations of the mammalian CNS together with NADPH diaphorase.
Bredt DS, Glatt CE, Hwang PM, Fotuhi M, Dawson TM, Snyder SH.
Neuron. 1991 Oct;7(4):615-24.
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Nitric oxide synthase and neuronal NADPH diaphorase are identical in brain and peripheral tissues.
Dawson TM, Bredt DS, Fotuhi M, Hwang PM, Snyder SH.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 1991 Sep 1;88(17):7797-801.
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Cloned and expressed nitric oxide synthase structurally resembles cytochrome P-450 reductase.
Bredt DS, Hwang PM, Glatt CE, Lowenstein C, Reed RR, Snyder SH.
Nature. 1991 Jun 27;351(6329):714-8.
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Localization of nitric oxide synthase indicating a neural role for nitric oxide.
Bredt DS, Hwang PM, Snyder SH.
Nature. 1990 Oct 25;347(6295):768-70.
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Localization of phosphatidylinositol signaling components in rat taste cells: role in bitter taste transduction.
Hwang PM, Verma A, Bredt DS, Snyder SH.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 1990 Oct;87(19):7395-9.
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Autoradiographic imaging of phosphoinositide turnover in the brain.
Hwang PM, Bredt DS, Snyder SH.
Science. 1990 Aug 17;249(4970):802-4.
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Molecular mechanisms of olfaction.
Snyder SH, Sklar PB, Hwang PM, Pevsner J.
Trends Neurosci. 1989 Jan;12(1):35-8.
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Odorant-binding protein and its mRNA are localized to lateral nasal gland implying a carrier function.
Pevsner J, Hwang PM, Sklar PB, Venable JC, Snyder SH.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 1988 Apr;85(7):2383-7.
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Perceiving mitosis in eukaryotic cells.
Kim HY, Byrne D, Hwang P, Thompson SC, Kitos PA.
In Vitro Cell. Dev. Biol. 1988 Feb;24(2):100-7.
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Effects of molecular oxygen on chick limb bud chondrogenesis.
Hwang PM, Byrne DH, Kitos PA.
Differentiation. 1988;37(1):14-9.
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