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J. Robert Hogg, Ph.D.


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J. Robert Hogg
Earl Stadtman Investigator

P: +1 301 594 3356
F: +1 301 451 5459

Full Publications Listing

This message was inspected by Upf1: 3'UTR length sensing in mRNA quality control.
Hogg JR.
Cell Cycle. 2011 Feb 1;10(3):372-3.
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Upf1 senses 3'UTR length to potentiate mRNA decay.
Hogg JR, Goff SP.
Cell. 2010 Oct 29;143(3):379-89.
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Structured non-coding RNAs and the RNP Renaissance.
Hogg JR, Collins K.
Curr Opin Chem Biol. 2008 Dec;12(6):684-9.
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Human Y5 RNA specializes a Ro ribonucleoprotein for 5S ribosomal RNA quality control.
Hogg JR, Collins K.
Genes Dev. 2007 Dec 1;21(23):3067-72.
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RNA-based affinity purification reveals 7SK RNPs with distinct composition and regulation.
Hogg JR, Collins K.
RNA. 2007 Jun;13(6):868-80.
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