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Murine Phenotyping Core

The NHLBI Murine Phenotyping Core carries out physiologic and behavioral testing in a diversity of mouse models for NHLBI and other NIH institutes.

Testing Areas include the following:

  1. Cardiovascular Phenotyping
  2. Metabolic Phenotyping
  3. Pulmonary Phenotyping
  4. Neuromuscular Phenotyping
  5. Behavioral Phenotyping
  6. Exercise Physiology
  7. Advanced Imaging Modalities (whole body high frequency ultrasound imaging, vascular imaging, faxitron x-ray, and CT (coming soon))

Core Staff

During testing, Murine Phenotyping Core personnel carry out all aspects of the study and also assist with planning, method selection, experimental design, and data interpretation. Staff will customize a testing plan specific to every investigator’s mouse model and scientific questions and utilize, adapt, and/or refine methods to each individual project.


Danielle Springer
Core Director
Murine Phenotyping Core

P: +1 301 594 6171


Michele Allen
Lab Manager
Murine Phenotyping Core

P: +1 301 496 0407


Audrey Noguchi
Scientific Support Staff
Murine Phenotyping Core

P: +1 301 496 1386

Last Updated: April 17, 2014