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Animal MRI Core

The Animal Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Core develops and optimizes MRI methods for cardiovascular imaging of mice and rats. The Core provides imaging expertise, data analysis and interpretation, experimental design, and assistance in incorporating imaging studies into ACUC protocols. They can also incorporate additional imaging modalities through the MIF, such as computed tomography (CT), ultrasound and bioluminescence. The Core Staff facilitates implementation of imaging studies for investigators, performs imaging studies and teaches investigators and fellows. Studies are performed in the NIH Mouse Imaging Facility (MIF). 

Although the Core is primarily concerned with projects related to cardiovascular imaging in rodents, the team has also worked on more specialized applications, particularly in high resolution microimaging. Core research on techniques for microimaging embryos, particularly early stage embryos, was performed with the Lo group, Laboratory of Developmental Biology. Microimaging fibrosis in ex vivo heart tissue without fixation, and imaging localized contrast agent in this tissue without migration of the agent is another area of interest, with the Arai lab. Techniques for improved visualization of delayed contrast enhancement imaging in myocardial infarction in mice at 7T have been undertaken with the Boehm lab.

Representative studies

  • Cine cardiac imaging for ejection fraction, ventricle size and wall thicknesses
  • High resolution imaging of myocardium for identification of infarct
  • Imaging aorta and vessels in live mice and rats
  • Imaging atherosclerotic plaque
  • Perfusion of skeletal muscle
  • Cellular imaging: magnetic labeling and tracking cell transplants
  • Targeted MRI contrast agent research
  • High resolution imaging of embryos

High resolution imaging of fixed tissue

Core Staff

The Core staff members are experts in small animal imaging.  They are happy to provide advice and training as necessary.


Stasia Anderson
Core Director
Animal MRI Core

P: +1 301 402 0908


Steven Bradford
Scientific Support Staff
Animal MRI Core

P: +1 301 435 4319
F: +1 301 402 3216

Last Updated: September 03, 2013