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Who will review my application and when?

Your clinical Grant Application ( GA ) is assigned for review to either CSR or to an NHLBI Review group. CSR reviews most R01s, R21s, pre and postdoctoral fellowships, and small business applications. In 2005, the number of grants submitted to NIH grew to 73,000 with 52,000 of these being reviewed by CSR. NHLBI review groups handle applications that have Institute-specific features such as program projects, training grants, career development awards, responses to Requests for Applications and some clinical studies.

The Peer Review Process is an excellent CSR overview of the process for assignment and review of your application. A short video called Inside the Grant Process (39 minutes) will help give you a glimpse into a study section meeting and the peer review process at NIH. CSR presents Descriptions of the Integrated Review Groups, Study Sections and Small Business Activities to give applicants a better understanding of the organization and function of the review groups.

Multi-center clinical applications are assigned to an NHLBI review group, the Clinical Trials Review Committee (CLTR). CLTR is a standing committee composed of experts in heart, lung and blood diseases with biostatisticians and ad hoc reviewers. The review criteria and process is similar to CSR with the standard scoring system. CLTR meets three times a year in February, June and October in which new AND amended applications are reviewed.

Your application will be reviewed approximately 4 months after the receipt date.

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