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Frequently Asked Questions for RFA-HL-14-023

Clinical Research in the Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment of HIV-Related Heart, Lung, and Blood Diseases in Adults and Children (R01) and RFA-HL-14-024, RFA-HL-14-029: Basic Research in the Pathogenesis of HIV-Related Heart, Lung, and Blood Diseases in Adults and Children (R01, R21)

Q: If I have a question on whether my application is responsive to the NHLBI AIDS RFAs and/or is within the mission of the NHLBI AIDS Program, who do I contact?
A: Potential applicants are encouraged to contact the Program Administrator from the NHLBI AIDS Team member with relevant expertise for specific questions regarding scientific aspects of potential applications. For general information about RFA-HL-14-023, please contact Shimian Zou, PhD. For general information about RFA-HL-14-024 and RFA-HL-14-029, please contact Renee Wong, PhD.

Q: I submitted an investigator-initiated application that was not funded. If this application is responsive for one of the NHLBI AIDS RFAs, may I submit my application in response to this RFA?
A: Yes, a previously unfunded investigator-initiated application can be submitted as a “new” application in response to the appropriate RFA. New RFA applications should not include responses to the Summary Statement of the previously unfunded investigator-initiated application. Additional information can be found in NOT-OD-09-100 and Frequently Asked Questions for Resubmissions of NIH Applications (see Question #21).

Q: Are resubmission (A1) applications allowed?
A: Yes, if a “new” application was submitted in response to one of the NHLBI AIDS RFAs and was not funded, it may be resubmitted to the same RFA at a later receipt date as a “resubmission” (A1) application. The “resubmission” application should include an “Introduction to Application” that summarizes substantial changes to the application and addresses the issues and criticisms that were raised in the Summary Statement.

Q: Does my eligibility for continuous submission apply to the NHLBI AIDS RFAs?
A: No, continuous submission is limited to NIH R01, R21, and R34 applications (including those that are AIDS-related) that would normally be received onstandard submission dates. Continuous submission is not applicable to applications submitted for special dates, such as the NHLBI AIDS RFAs. The NHLBI AIDS RFAs have receipt dates falling one day after the standard AIDS-related application due dates (i.e., January 8, May 8, and September 8). Additional information can be found in NOT-OD-11-093.

Q: Can a R01 application with direct costs of $500,000 or more in any year be submitted to RFA-HL-14-023 or RFA-14-024?
A: No, the RFA R01 application budget is limited to a maximum of $499,999 direct costs in any year (excluding consortium F&A). Applications with a requested budget greater than this maximum and submitted to either RFA will be withdrawn. Investigators must request permission from the NHLBI to submit an application with ≥ $500,000 direct costs in any year. Additional information can be found in the NHLBI Policy on Applications with Direct Costs of $500,000 or more in any one year.

Q: Can a R01 application with an award project period of 5 years be submitted to RFA-HL-14-023 or RFA-HL-14-024?
A: No, the RFA R01 project period and budget are limited to a maximum of 4 years. Applications with a requested project period and budget greater than this maximum and submitted to either RFA will be withdrawn.

Q: Can multi-center clinical trials be proposed for RFA-HL-14-023?
A: Multi-center clinical trials would be beyond the scope of this RFA; however, single center trials < $500,000 in direct costs per year may be proposed.

Q: When is the Letter of Intent (LOI) due? Is a LOI required?
A: LOIs are due 30 days before the application receipt date and should be sent to the NHLBI Office of Scientific Review ( as an email message or on letterhead as a PDF attachment. Although LOIs are not required, they are highly recommended. The information in the LOI will assist the NHLBI in planning the review and in identifying responsiveness issues at an early stage.

Q: What information should be included in the LOI?
A: The following information in your LOI will be helpful for NHLBI staff to facilitate a comprehensive review for your application:

  • Title of funding opportunity announcement
  • Title of proposed study and ancillary studies (if applicable)
  • Hypothesis and specific aims
  • Name(s) and contact information for the Principal Investigator(s)
  • List of anticipated key personnel and their institutions
  • Any particular expertise requested for the review (i.e., fields of expertise; specific individuals should not be named)

Q: Can supplemental material be submitted after the application receipt date, but prior to the initial peer review?
A: The NIH will only allow post-submission materials that are the result of unforeseen administrative issues. A list of acceptable post-submission materials can be found in NOT-OD-13-030.

Q: Where can information regarding NHLBI data sharing policies be found?
A: Please refer to the NHLBI Data Sharing Guidance.

NHLBI Contacts

The primary contacts for general information about RFA-HL-14-024 and RFA-HL-14-029 are Renee Wong, PhD and Shimian Zou, PhD for RFA-HL-14-023. For information on specific scientific questions, please contact the NHLBI AIDS team member with the relevant scientific expertise. Contact information can be found at NHLBI AIDS Team.

Last updated: March 2014

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