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Kerry J. Stewart, Ed.D.

Hi I'm Dr. Kerry Stewart I'm a professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins where I also direct the clinical and research exercise physiology programs. Our research study is focused on the topic of overweight and obesity problems affecting the US and we are looking at whether diet and diet plus exercise not only helps people lose weight, but what impact it has on the cardiovascular system. These conditions clearly lead to heart disease, stroke, and Peripheral Arterial Disease. And our goal is to see the extent at which getting people who are at risk for diabetes or have diabetes can reverse some of the abnormalities in their cardiovascular system. This research has given us the opportunity to do this, we have created the equivalent of five full-time jobs, including three new full-time employees, a nurse, two exercise physiologists, and several faculty members and technicians are also supported by this very important grant that we certainly appreciate getting.

Kerry J. Stewart, Ed.D.
Professor of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland
Diet and Exercise in Type 2 Diabetes
Administered by the NHLBI Division of Cardiovascular Sciences, Atherothrombosis and Coronary Artery Disease Branch
FY 2009 Recovery Act Funding: $612,415

Last Updated:August 10, 2010

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