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September 2007: Vol. 8, Issue 2
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National Heart, Lung, and Blood Advisory Council's June Meeting

Upcoming NHLBI Workshops and Working Groups

Upcoming 2007 Events

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Advisory Council's June Meeting

June 5, 2007

Dr. Nabel introduced the new Council members: Joe Garcia, M.D., University of Chicago; Rao Musunuru, M.D., Bayonet Point/Hudson Cardiology Associates; Jeanine Arden Ornt, J.D., Case Western Reserve University; Paula Polite, Manager of Quality Programs for the City of Memphis; Steven Shapiro, M.D., University of Pittsburgh; and Shaun Coughlin, M.D., Ph.D., University of California, San Francisco.

Dr. Nabel welcomed Dr. Michael S. Lauer, who has accepted the position of Director of the Institute's Division of Prevention and Population Sciences (DPPS).

Dr. Nabel announced several other personnel changes: Dr. Diane Bild (currently Acting Deputy Director, DPPS) has accepted the position of Deputy Director of DPPS; Dr. Denise Simons-Morton (currently Chief, Clinical Applications and Prevention Branch, DPPS) has accepted the position of Senior Scientific Advisor to the Director of DPPS; and Dr. Peter Savage (currently Acting Director, DPPS) will join the Office of the Director, NHLBI, as the Special Assistant for Clinical Research.

Dr. Nabel reviewed the Institute's budget. The FY 2008 President's Budget is $2,925,413,000, an increase of $6,605,000 (0.23 percent) over the FY 2007 Continuing Resolution (upon which the FY 2008 President's Budget was built). The extramural portion of the Institute's FY 2008 President's Budget is allocated among research project grants (74.8 percent), contracts (11.2 percent), centers (5.4 percent), career development grants (2.9 percent), training grants (3.4 percent), and other mechanisms (2.2 percent).

Dr. Nabel updated the Council on the Registry of Angioplasty Registries (ROAR), which the NHLBI is establishing to increase understanding about the rate of subacute thrombosis for both drug-eluting and bare metal stents, predisposing factors for thrombotic events, and approaches to reduce the risks of them. She also discussed a plan to co-sponsor, with the National Cancer Institute, part of the NIH Genes, Environment, and Health Initiative that was announced in February 2006.

Dr. Nabel reiterated the Institutefs commitment to investigator-initiated research and to training programs during these tight budgetary times, and its intent to seek the advice of Council on such matters.

Two publications of the NHLBI Strategic Plan - a version for scientific audiences and a summary brochure for public audiences - are being printed. The plan will be distributed widely to scientific groups, professional organizations, public interest groups, and the Congress.

Mr. Marc Smolonsky, Associate Director for Legislative Policy and Analysis, NIH, discussed the NIH Reform Act of 2006 that reauthorized the NIH. The Act includes several provisions to enhance management of the NIH.

Dr. Carl Roth, Director of the Office of Science Technology, NHLBI, described the NIH Research, Condition, and Disease Categorization (RCDC) initiative, an NIH-wide effort to improve access to, and reporting on, the NIH research portfolio. Each year the NIH reports to the Congress and the public on how much it spends in approximately 360 research and disease areas. The RCDC system is expected to enhance consistency, transparency, and efficiency in NIH reporting.

Dr. Nabel discussed the Board of External Experts (BEE), a newly constituted advisory working group to the NHLBI Council that is charged with implementing the NHLBI Strategic Plan, discussing and prioritizing program ideas and potential initiatives, serving as an incubator for new ideas and recommendations, recommending improvements in the Institute's business operations, and providing advice on program effectiveness.

The BEE met on June 1, 2007, to discuss implementation of the NHLBI Strategic Plan and the future of the Institute's Specialized Centers of Clinically Oriented Research and Clinical Research Networks.

For more information, please go to

Full minutes of Council meetings and summaries of the initiatives are available.

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Upcoming NHLBI Workshops and Working Groups


PIO representatives will be accommodated on a space-available basis and will be responsible for their own travel expenses.

The Role of Circadian Timing in Heart, Lung, and Blood Physiology and Disease

Location: Bethesda, MD
Date: September, 2007
Contact: Dr. Michael Twery

Computer Methods in Cardiovascular Device Design and Evaluation

Location: Bethesda, MD
Date: November 13-14, 2007
Contact: Dr. Tim Baldwin


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Upcoming 2007 Events

Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension: Current Approaches and Future Expectations for Clinicians and Patients

Date: September 15 and October 6
Location: Various Locations

Sickle Cell Disease Association of America, Inc. 35th Annual Convention

Date: September 17-22
Location: Washington, DC

American Heart Association 61st Annual High Blood Pressure Research Conference 2007

Date: September 26-29
Location: Tucson, AZ

National Organization for Rare Disorders 2007 Annual Conference

Date: September 28-30
Location: Rockville, MD

Sarcoid Networking Association 15th Annual Conference

Date: October 6
Location: SeaTac, WA

Fanconi Anemia Research Fund Nineteenth Annual Scientific Symposium

Date: October 8-11
Location: Chicago, IL

Pulmonary Hypertension Resource Network 2007 Symposium

Date: October 11-13
Location: Arlington, VA

Lymphoma Research Foundation North American Educational Forum

Date: October 12-14
Location: New York, NY

World Association of Sarcoidosis and Other Granulomatous Diseases 4th International Conference on Diffuse Lung Diseases

Date: October 19-20
Location: Tokyo, Japan

American College of Chest Physicians Annual Conference

Date: October 20-25
Location: Chicago, IL

The Obesity Society Annual Meeting 2007

Date: October 20-24
Location: New Orleans, LA

Narcolepsy Network 22nd Annual Patient Conference

Date: October 26-28
Location: San Diego, CA

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Advisory Council 228th Meeting

Date: October 30
Location: Bethesda, MD

American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2007

Date: November 4-7
Location: Orlando, FL

American Association of Respiratory Care 53rd International Respiratory Congress

Date: December 1-4
Location: Orlando, FL

Gordon Research Conference Molecular Mechanisms in Lymphatic Function and Disease

Date: March 2-7, 2008
Location: Ventura, CA


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