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September 2002: Vol. 3, Issue 2
Summaries of Meetings
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PIO Meeting Scheduled for February 2003

The NHLBI will sponsor the fourth annual public interest organization meeting on February 5, 2003. As in the past, the meeting is scheduled for the day immediately preceding the winter meeting of our National Heart, Lung, and Blood Advisory Council to foster increased interactions among Council members and organization representatives. "Save the Date" letters announcing the event have been mailed to organization leaders; we hope each of your groups will be represented.

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The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Advisory Council's May Meeting

Dr. Lenfant began the 206th meeting by announcing that May is National High Blood Pressure Education Month. He encouraged community groups and public outreach programs to renew their commitment to health education activities. Five new Council members were introduced, and Dr. Lenfant also announced the appointment of Dr. Elias Zerhouni as the new NIH director.

Task Force ReportDr. Edward Clark from the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Utah School of Medicine served as the Chair of the Task Force on Research in Pediatric Cardiovascular Disease. Dr. Clark presented a summary of the Task Force report, which identified research priorities in basic science, clinical medicine, and population science. Details on the Task Force's recommendations and copies of the report are available online.

Council members enthusiastically supported the efforts of the Task Force and noted that significant advances have been made in cardiac surgery. Drs. Paul Douglass and Roberta Williams provided examples of how improved understanding about pediatric cardiovascular conditions has helped them in their clinical practices. Dr. Jane Newburger, who was also on the Task Force, spoke briefly about the lack of mentors for pediatric cardiologists who are interested in research careers.

In response to the Public Health Improvement Act of November 2000 (Public Law 106-505), the NIH developed extramural loan repayment programs for pediatric and clinical researchers. The Institute received a large number of applications and anticipates funding more than 50 percent of them.

During the closed portion of the meeting, the Council concurred on the award of 305 grants for a total cost of $137,900,000.

The next National Heart, Lung, and Blood Advisory Council (NHLBAC) meeting is scheduled for 8:00 a.m. on September 5, 2002. It is open to the public and will be in NIH Building 31C, Conference Room 10.

The FYI from the NHLBI staff thanks Ms. Sue Byrnes, member of the NHLBAC and Director of the LAM Foundation, for her efforts in preparing this summary. Full minutes of Council meetings are available.

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National Cholesterol Education Month

Now Playing on Radio Stations Everywhere

This month, the Healthbeat Radio Network is broadcasting twenty new programs to celebrate National Cholesterol Education Month. Listeners will learn how controlling their blood cholesterol levels can lower their risk for heart disease and why it is critical for all Americans - including healthy young adults - to have their cholesterol levels tested. To learn more about the Healthbeat Radio Network, find a participating radio station near you, or download and listen to the 60-second health news and information radio programs through your own computer, visit

Additional information about the National Cholesterol Education Program recommendations and therapeutic lifestyle changes that you can make to improve your cardiovascular health also is available online.

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September also is National Sickle Cell Awareness Month, and the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America wants to help you

Break the Sickle Cycle
B r e a k
S i c k l e
t h e
C y c l e

For information about living with sickle cell disease, visit their Web site at

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Upcoming Events

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Advisory Council meeting

Dates: 9/5/02, 10/24/02
Location: 8:30am - 2:00pm, NIH Main Campus, Building 31C, Conference Room 10, Bethesda, MD.
Details: All NHLBAC meetings are open to the public.

52nd Annual Obesity and Associated Conditions Symposium

Dates: 9/17/02 - 9/21/02
Location: Boston, MA.
Details: Physicians who offer specialized programs in the treatment of obesity will learn about recent developments in bariatric medicine and the future of patient care.

Sickle Cell Disease Association of America 30th Anniversary National Convention

Dates: 9/17/02 - 9/21/02
Location: Washington, DC.
Details: Health care professionals, researchers, and patients and their families will interact at Medicine, Science and Community: Working Together for a Cure, an educational conference cosponsored by the NHLBI.

National Sarcoidosis Awareness Day

Date: 9/24/02
Location: Washington, DC.
Details: Rep. Kilpatrick (D-MI), sarcoidosis patients, and researchers will host activities to raise awareness of sarcoidosis. On June 26, Rep. Kilpatrick introduced a resolution to express the sense of the Congress that there should be established a National Sarcoidosis Awareness Day.

17th Annual Meeting - The American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Dates: 9/26/02 - 9/29/02
Location: Charlotte, NC.
Details: Targeted toward physicians and other health care professionals, this meeting focuses on advances in the cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation field.

1st National Restless Legs Syndrome Meeting

Date: 9/27/02 - 9/28/02
Location: St. Louis, MO.
Details: Patients, family members, and healthcare providers will learn about the most current information on RLS research, diagnosis, and treatment.

10th Annual Conference on Sarcoidosis

Dates: 10/11/02 - 10/12/02
Location: Seattle, WA.
Details: This patient-oriented conference features roundtable discussions and talks by physicians, researchers, and counselors.

2002 NIH Research Festival

Dates: 10/15/02 - 10/17/02
Location: NIH Main Campus Natcher Conference Center Auditorium, Bethesda, MD.
Details: Researchers and the public will have the opportunity to learn more about the NIH's recent success stories and current research missions.

2002 Annual Meeting of the American College of Chest Physicians

Dates: 11/2/02 - 11/7/02
Location: San Diego, CA.
Details: The CHEST 2002 program provides educational opportunities in critical care, sleep, thoracic, and cardiovascular medicine to physicians and health professionals.

American Public Health Association 130th Annual Meeting

Dates: 11/9/02 - 11/13/02
Location: Philadelphia, PA.
Details: Putting the Public Back into Public Health is the theme of this year's meeting, which is targeted toward public health professionals.

American Heart Association's 75th Annual Scientific Session

Dates: 11/17/01 - 11/20/01
Location: Chicago, IL.
Details: The sessions present recent advances in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cardiovascular disease and stroke to scientists and healthcare professionals.

Great American Smokeout

Dates: 11/21/02
Details: The Great American Smokeout was established to spread the word about how people can actively protect their health from the dangers of tobacco use. It motivates smokers to quit for a day, which hopefully will lead them to quitting for a lifetime.

National Aplastic Anemia Awareness Week

Dates: 12/01/02 - 12/07/02
Details: The Aplastic Anemia and MDS International Foundation, Inc., invites everyone to learn more about aplastic anemia during the first week in December.

44th Annual Meeting and Exposition - The American Society of Hematology

Dates: 12/6/02 - 12/10/02
Location: Philadelphia, PA.
Details: This meeting, which is directed toward the research community, promotes exchange of information relating to blood, blood-forming tissues, and blood diseases.

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