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May 2008: Vol. 9, Issue 1
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Barth Syndrome Conference

From Barth Syndrome Foundation

The Barth Syndrome Foundation will hold its 4th International Scientific and Medical Conference, “Barth Syndrome: On Track Toward a Cure,” on July 24 and 25, 2008, in Clearwater, Florida.

The world’s leading researchers and clinicians will give presentations on many topics ranging from advances in understanding the underlying biochemistry, to the latest findings utilizing various model systems, to improving clinical aspects of this disorder.

The conference will bring together basic scientists, clinical researchers, treating physicians, and health professionals to focus on the syndrome through a series of carefully organized sessions.

Major agenda topics include the biochemical role of the tafazzin gene, the roles of cardiolipin and other lipids in Barth Syndrome, the phenotypic consequences of tafazzin dysfunction, the scope of Barth Syndrome, and what is being done for treatment. Numerous issues in all of these areas continue to perplex even the most seasoned investigators, so this will be a very stimulating meeting that looks toward the future. In addition to the formal presentations, there will be a poster session.

The Scientific and Medical Conference is part of the broader Scientific, Medical, and Family Conference that will take place July 21st through 26th. For more information, please visit

Submitted by Lynda Sedefian, Barth Syndrome Foundation

Modified 5/27/08
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