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January 2007: Vol. 7, Issue 3
Research and Resources

NHLBI Research Initiatives

  • Arrhythmia Detection and Treatment: New Approaches
  • Behavioral and Social Sciences: Methodology and Measurement
  • Biomedical Computational Science and Technology Innovations
  • Demonstration and Dissemination Grants
  • Health Literacy: Understanding and Promoting
  • Mind-Body Interactions and Health
  • Obese Patients: Improving Health Care
  • Right Heart Function in Health and Chronic Lung Diseases

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NHLBI Research Initiatives

From time to time, the NHLBI invites investigators to submit grant applications or contract proposals for specific research programs. We are currently soliciting applications for the programs described below. Unless a due date is mentioned, applications are accepted for February 1, June 1, and October 1 deadlines each year. For full details of these and other research initiatives, visit or the Web page that is linked each initiative number.

Arrhythmia Detection and Treatment: New Approaches

  • Initiative Number: PA-07-031/032
  • Objective: Develop new or improved methods, tools, technologies, and approaches for the detection, treatment, and prevention of arrhythmias.  Only United States small business concerns are eligible to apply for this program.

Behavioral and Social Sciences: Methodology and Measurement

  • Initiative Number: PA-07-060 (R01), PA-06-343
  • Objective: Improve the quality and scientific power of data collected in the behavioral and social sciences that are relevant to the missions of the NIH Institutes and Centers.

Biomedical Computational Science and Technology Innovations

  • Initiative Number: PAR-06-088, PAR-06-089
  • Objective: Promote research and development in biomedical computing and biomedical information science and technology in order to ensure (1) better management and analysis of biomedical data and (2) better modeling of biological processes.  Four parallel program announcements for this initiative use the R21, R01, R41/R42, and R43/R44 award mechanisms, respectively.

Demonstration and Dissemination Grants

  • Initiative Number: PA-07-017
  • Objective: Conduct demonstration and dissemination studies to test the effectiveness of extending or adapting to broader populations or settings generally accepted interventions to promote healthful behaviors, prevent disease, or ameliorate disease.  Applicants are encouraged to use randomized trial designs with intervention and comparison (control) groups in defined populations, or defined clinical or community settings.

Health Literacy: Understanding and Promoting

  • Initiative Number: PAR-07-018
  • Objective: Conduct empirical research on health literacy concepts, theory, and interventions as these relate to DHHS public health priorities.  Applications should address health promotion, injury or disease prevention, treatment or management of injuries, diseases or health conditions, and/or the improvement of health or health care outcomes within specific populations (e.g., children, the elderly, low income or vulnerable or underserved populations).

Mind-Body Interactions and Health

  • Initiative Number: PA-07-046
  • Objective: Understand the processes underlying the relationships among cognitions, emotions, personality, social relationships, and health and apply this knowledge to interventions and clinical practice that promote health and prevent and treat disease and disabilities.

Obese Patients: Improving Health Care

  • Initiative Number: PA-07-013
  • Objective: Determine the barriers to optimal health care for obese patients and test innovations or modifications in care delivery to improve health outcomes for obese patients independent of weight loss.

Right Heart Function in Health and Chronic Lung Diseases

  • Initiative Number: PA-07-043
  • Objective: Explore the cellular, molecular, and physiological determinants of right ventricular function and dysfunction associated with chronic lung diseases and airway disorders in order to better understand the links between right heart failure and chronic lung diseases.  This announcement is intended to promote collaboration between the heart and lung research communities.
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