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December 2000: Vol. 1, Issue 3

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Feature Articles

  • Message from the Director
  • All Aboard the NHLBI Express
  • Spokescat for Sleep Program

In the News

  • News from Capitol Hill
  • Recent Advances from the NHLBI
    • Canine Narcolepsy Gene Provides Clues to Treatment of Human Narcolepsy
    • Ebola Vaccine in the Works
    • Hostility May Be Associated with Early Atherosclerosis
    • Inhaled Steroids Safe and Effective for Children with Asthma

Events and Meetings

  • The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Advisory Council's Fall Meetings
  • NHLBI to Hold Second Annual Public Interest Organization Meeting
  • February is American Heart Month

Research and Resources

  • NHLBI Staff Visit Gene Therapy Research Centers
  • Two New Programs from the NHLBI
  • Update on High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy Now Available
  • Spotlight on Our Web Site: Clinical Cardiology Unit Develops Web Page for Children
  • New NHLBI Research Initiatives
  • Need More Information?

Constituents' Corner

We are reserving space for you, our readers, to share ideas and broadcast opinions. We invite you to submit your comments, thoughts, and suggestions via email or snail mail (Public Interest News, c/o Office of Science and Technology , Building 31, Room 5A03, 31 Center Drive, MSC-2482 Bethesda, MD 20892-2482). We also are considering the addition of a separate "Bulletin Board" where organizations can announce upcoming activities. For now, those announcements also can be sent to the above addresses.

Please send us your feedback, comments, and questions by using the appropriate link on the page, Contact the NHLBI.

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