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Atheroprotective Genes Working Group
Wednesday, March 29, 2000

8:30 am Welcome Dr. Diane Lucas, NHLBI
8:35 am NHLBI Perspective Dr. David M. Robinson
8:45 am Charge to the Working Group
Dr. Michael Gimbrone
8:50 am  Endothelial Function/Dysfunction and  Atheroprotective Genes  Dr. Gimbone
9:30 am  Critical Transitions in Atherogenesis Dr. Peter Libby
10:15 am Vascular Cells as Biomechanical Transducers in Atherosclerosis Dr. Peter Davies
11:00 am Nitric Oxide, Oxidant Stresses, and Vascular Homeostasis Dr. David Harrison
11:45 am Transcriptional Regulation of Vascular Responses to Injury  Dr. Tucker Collins
12:30 pm  Working Lunch: Identify Areas of Consensus .
2:00 pm Draft Action Plan .
4:00 pm  Assignments  .
4:30 pm Adjourn .

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