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The Pulse Workshop

Epidemiology Working Group

  • Definition of Post Arrest Survival
  • Neonatal Post Arrest Survival: Domestic and International Experience
  • Epidemiology of Cardiac Arrest International Experience
  • Innovative Approaches to Pre-Hospital EMS Issues
  • In-Hospital Resuscitation Outcomes
  • Education Strategies
  • Clinical Trial Methodology-Phase II/III Designs
  • Cardiac Arrest: Pre-Hospital Intervention
  • Trauma Arrest: Pre-Arrest Markers, Severity Scores
  • Definition of Survival Post Sudden Death Neurologic Function & Long Term Quality of Life
  • Out-of-Hospital CardiacArrest
  • CPR: Animal Models
  • Education Principles and Changing Professional Behavior
  • Design Issues of Large Scale Clinical Studies
  • Novel Approaches to Defibrillation
  • Study Design: Cognitive Function as Outcome 
  •   Epidemiology Working Group (7) Roster

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    PULSE Workshop Coordinator is Carole Webb

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