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The Pulse Workshop

Organization Charts

PULSE is organized as a two-day meeting fostering intensive discussion to produce a written set of recommendations. After a plenary session, attendees will separate into seven concurrent work groups: (1) Acute Myocardial Rescue, (2) Neurologic Preservation, (3) Pharmacology and Molecular Mechanisms, (4) Pulmonary and Ventilatory Failure, (5) Mechanics of CPR, (6) Biotechnology, and (7) Epidemiology. The objective of the seven groups is to examine relevant research needs and identify future research directions. 

Following these sessions, recommendations will be further considered in two concurrent groups: Basic science and Clinical applications. This structure allows multidisciplinary cross-pollination of ideas facilitating identification of bold new research opportunities. The initial seven working groups will reconvene to further discuss and refine their recommendations. These recommendations will be presented, prioritized, and formalized in a final plenary session. The formalized recommendations will be refined by all the workshop leaders, and a final draft document will be submitted for publication after dissemination to the participating federal sponsors. 

  PULSE Organizational Chart

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PULSE Workshop Coordinator is Carole Webb

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