NHLBI Physician-Scientist Trainees Conference, May 10-12, 2010 in Natcher Conference Center, National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.


Mark your calendar now and plan to attend the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute’s first M.D./Ph.D. Trainees Conference on May 10-12, 2010, in Bethesda, Maryland. Register online external link

The purpose of bringing together NHLBI-supported M.D./Ph.D. trainees who are in the early to mid-stages of their research projects is to help facilitate entry into successful research careers.

Participants will have the opportunity to interact with their peers, as well as established investigators, who will present the latest research and share their career trajectory as physician scientists. All trainees must submit an abstract and participate in the poster sessions that will promote collaboration and networking with peers and the NIH intramural and extramural communities. From the abstract submissions, 15 trainees will be selected for podium presentations.

Conference Goals

  • To increase the scientific knowledge base of trainees in the areas of heart, lung, and blood diseases/conditions.
  • To discuss emerging scientific research areas and what the NHLBI can do to facilitate current and future training.
  • To provide an overview of the NHLBI research funding (intramural and extramural programs) and research resources.
  • To increase familiarity with the NIH grant application and review processes, and provide tips on application submission.
  • To provide networking opportunities for trainees with peers and experts in the field.

The meeting registration deadline is March 22, 2010.

Organizing Committee

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