form pictureNational Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
Form and Function: New Views on Disease and Therapy for the Heart

April 25-26, 2002
Bethesda Marriott Hotel,
Bethesda, Maryland

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NHLBI Workshop
Form and Function: New Views on Disease and Therapies for the Heart

Leslie Reinlib, Ph.D. and George Sopko, M.D., M.P.H.
Division of Heart and Vascular Diseases, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

Gerald Buckberg, MD, UCLA, Department of Surgery
Michael Weisfeld, MD, The Johns Hopkins University, Department of Medicine

Place and Location
This activity will be held April 25-26, 2002 at the Bethesda Marriott Hotel on Pooks Hill Road in Bethesda, Maryland

Workshop Goals
The primary purpose of this Workshop is to discuss the relationships of cardiac form to function to produce a prioritized set of novel research recommendations that will likely lead to improved diagnosis and treatment of myocardial dysfunction. The Workshop goals are to be accomplished by assembling applied and basic scientists, including clinicians, physicists and bioengineers to define crosscutting research directions on how altered heart shape may dictate the mechanisms of heart failure and disease progression.

It is anticipated that the recommendations will embrace several disciplines and encourage crosscutting research directions on the relationships among altered ventricular shape, altered myocardial performance, and the mechanisms responsible for such changes that lead to development of heart failure and cardiovascular disease. The key areas of interest for the Workshop are:

  1. Improved understanding of the temporal structural and mechanical changes of the heart in disease progression and how these changes alter cardiac performance
  2. Development of new surgical and non-surgical therapies to restore optimal myocardial structure and performance in diseased and malformed hearts
  3. Development and validation of novel technologies and simulations (e.g. imaging) to assess the features of altered structural and functional states of the heart, and application of novel diagnostic concepts to produce therapeutic strategies to maintain proper cardiac function

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute is organizing this workshop of a panel of experts to discuss how new strategies to maintain normal cardiac shape apply to heart disease, failure, and congenital defects. The workshop will serve as a broad forum to extending prioritize future research directions from the cellular level to the whole organ to develop methods to restore proper cardiac form; determine surgical and other therapeutic procedures towards that goal; elucidate cellular, molecular, and organ temporal changes associated with the evolution between abnormal and normal cardiac shape; and apply the concepts of maintaining shape to congenitally malformed hearts.

List of Participants
• Sub-Group Summaries will be posted after the meeting
Logistics and Information

 If you have any questions, please contact NHLBI, Leslie Reinlib, Ph.D. (301-435-0504).


Subgroup: Imaging

Dr. David Sahn
Portland, Oregon


Dr. Raphael Bayer
Haifa, Israel

Dr. Gerald Pohost
Birmingham, Alabama

Dr. Manel Ballester
Barcelona, Spain

Dr. Matthew O’Donnell
Ann Arbor, MI

Dr. Edward Shapiro

Dr. Martin LeWinter
Burlington, VT

Subgroup: Surgery

Dr. Cecil Coghlan
Birmingham, Alabama

Dr. Henry Spotnitz
New York, New York


Dr. Gerald Buckberg
Los Angeles, California

Dr. Myron L. Weisfeldt
Baltimore, Maryland

Subgroup: Electrical

Dr. Francis Spinale
Charleston, South Carolina

Dr. Ray Ideker
Birmingham, Alabama


Dr. David Kass
Baltimore, Maryland

Dr. James Cox
Washington D.C.

Dr. Neal Epstein
Bethesda, MD

Dr. Louis Terracio
New York, NY

Subgroup: Mechanics

Dr. Neil Ingels
Palo Alto, California

Dr. Morteza (Mory) Gharib
Pasadena, California

Dr. Raphael Bayer
Haifa, Israel

Dr. Daniel Burkoff
New York, New York

Dr. James W. Covell
La Jolla, California

Dr. Arthur Feldman
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Dr. Francisco Torrent Guasp
Denia, Spain

Ms. Carmine Clemente
Los Angeles, California

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