The Natcher Conference Center (Building 45) is located on the main campus of the
National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. The NIH, like all Federal government
facilities, has security measures in place to ensure the safety of all employees, patients,
and visitors.

All visitors must go through a security screening, so please allow extra time to get on
campus. You will need to show valid government-issed photo identification (i.e.
driver's license, passport, or other government agency ID).
Read complete details regarding NIHs security screening

Because visitor parking is severely limited, you are encouraged to take public
transportation. The Metrorail subway system has a station (Medical Center) on the NIH campus.

symposium goals

  - To provide an overview of the
    NHLBI roadmap for cardio-
    vascular stem cell research
    going forward.

  - To relate novel insights from
    embryonic cardiovascular
    development to our understand-
    ing of adult cardiovascular
    stem cells.

 - To review the recent break-
    through discovery of induced-
    pluripotent stem cells (iPS-cells),
    and how they might be harness-
    ed for therapeutic applications.

 - To discuss the emerging and
    inter-related field of epithelial
    to mesenchymal transition,
    and the relevance of this to
    cardiovascular and stem cell

 - To emphasize recent discover-
    ies that will facilitate the trans-
    lation of this knowledge from
    bench to bedside.

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