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Meeting Logistic Questions & Answers?

Question: Does the Zaza Houston Hotel provide shuttle service to and from the
Answer: The Zaza Houston Hotel does not provide an airport shuttle. The hotel concierge can
  assist with cabs, and transportation to the airport.
Question: How can I get more information about the CHARGE Investigator Houston
Answer: Contact the meeting coordinator Ms. Camille Breaux by email at
  Camille Breaux
Question: How long will it take to go from the Airport to the Zaza Houston Hotel?
Answer: From the Hobby Airport to the Zaza Houston Hotel approximately 30-45 minutes by
  taxi. From the George Bush Airport to Zaza Houston Hotel approximately 45 minutes by tax (up to one hour if traveling during peak traffic times).
Question: Which Houston Texas airports are recommended?
Answer: The Hobby Airport services mostly small carriers (Southwest). The George Bush
  Airport services larger carriers and is the hub for Continental airlines.

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