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New Frontiers in Personalized Medicine: Cardiovascular Research & Clinical Care



It is currently estimated that about half of the population in the USA and Europe will die from cardiovascular disease (CVD), which is poised to become the number one cause of death globally. Despite this enormous public health impact, our understanding and treatment strategies regarding CVD remain inadequate. New understandings of individual response variations to therapeutics are increasingly re-shaping our ability to treat various diseases, and cardiovascular medicine holds great promise in personalizing, and therefore improving cardiovascular practice. Hence, the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), the Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC), American College of Cardiology (ACC), American Medical Association (AMA), and the Cheney Cardiovascular Institute at the George Washington University (GWU) are jointly convening a conference on “New Frontiers in Personalized Medicine: Cardiovascular Research & Clinical Care” that will bring together leaders in the field from academia, industry, and government to address the present and the future of personalized cardiovascular medicine. The conference will address the critical issues facing the field in terms of research, clinical care, business, education, and policy. In addition, at the conference, the ACC will release the results of a research survey looking into the adoption of personalized medicine and pharmacogenomic concepts and products in cardiovascular practice.

The meeting will be held at the GWU Campus on January 6, 2011. A superb group of speakers has been assembled for the conference (Agenda pdf document icon (873KB)). The speakers and participants will 1) discuss personalized medicine's current and potential impact on patient outcomes, 2) review emerging technologies and applications that may shape the field in the future, 3) learn the results of an ACC survey examining personalized medicine adoption rates among U.S. cardiologists, 4) identify barriers to adoption, and 5) develop recommendations for next steps with an emphasis on actions and evidence generation that are needed for adoption and improved quality of patient care.

Please register (free for Federal Employees) at the site here and you can find the conference agenda, speakers list, online registration, and accommodation information at the PMC’s website for the conference here.

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