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Health Information for the Public

Play It Smart, Take Care of Your Heart

Diabetes, overweight, high blood pressure,
rich meals, desserts, high waist measure,
a lack of physical activity, and poor nutrition
will bring bad news from your physician.

Take action now to prevent disease,
reduce the fat, STOP SMOKING, PLEASE!
Keep lots of fruits and veggies on your table
and when you shop, read the food label.

Turn off the TV and go for a walk.
Go with a friend and enjoy a good talk.
Plan for the future and increase your chances
of attending your kids' graduations and dances.

Change your lifestyle now-Play it smart!
Start living healthy, and guard your heart!

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Public Health Service
National Institutes of Health
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
NIH Publication No. 08-6354
June 2008

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