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Campaign Partners

Become A Partner

Stepping up awareness of P.A.D. among the general public and health care providers will help Americans stay in circulation and remain active and healthy. This effort relies on the participation of everyone, including community organizations, corporate entities, and individuals.

Stay in Circulation partners participate in the campaign in a variety of ways—from hosting P.A.D. screenings to distributing Stay in Circulation campaign materials.  All of our partners are part of the national effort to help Americans learn about P.A.D.  Join us by becoming a campaign partner!

P.A.D. Materials Available
To increase awareness about P.A.D., Stay in Circulation campaign materials including fact sheets, posters, a video, and radio public service announcements are available.  Many of these materials are available in English and Spanish.

Campaign Materials

Tools and Resources
The Community Action Tool Kit serves as a resource for campaign partners to support Stay in Circulation activities.  It includes event ideas, media tips, and customizable resources to help plan and implement P.A.D. awareness activities.

Download the Community Action Tool Kit