National Sleep Disorders Research Plan
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Progress since 1996
Research Recommendations
Research Training

Considerable progress has been made since release of the original National Sleep Disorders Research Plan in 1996. Resources expended by the National Institutes of Health to study sleep and its disorders have steadily increased (Appendix C). New scientific techniques that facilitate research discovery are being applied to sleep questions. This has led to an improved understanding of normal sleep physiology and the pathogenesis of a variety of sleep disorders. As a result, both access to care for patients with sleep disorders and the quality of care are substantially better. However, many research questions remain unanswered and new questions need to be addressed, therapy for a number of sleep disorders remains suboptimal, and the research workforce addressing sleep science is inadequate. This Revised National Sleep Disorders Research Plan presents a comprehensive summary of focused research, training and education recommendations that addresses these opportunities and needs.
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