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The Winston-Salem Park and Recreation Department presented a new healthy heart program that focused on youths ages 9 to 14 years already involved in its Weed and Seed Summer Youth Academy. (Weed out the negative and seed in the positive.) The objective of the program was to change the youths' attitudes and behaviors regarding nutrition and the importance of eating healthy. The Winston-Salem Parks and Recreation Department provided educational sessions and healthy snacks with the goal of helping to transfer patterns of healthy eating from the program to the home environment. The youths were also given instruction on various forms of physical activity, and parents were encouraged to participate in many of the activities and educational sessions. A grant from the Department of Justice allowed senior men to teach golf and tennis to program youth. The youths also visited one of the best health centers at Wake Forest University.

The Winston-Salem Parks and Recreation Department partnered with a local hospital to provide blood pressure and cholesterol checks for adults in the "Healthy Striders" walking program. The Recreation Department also developed a mall walkers program with partner BestHealth 55, a program of the Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center. The medical center planned to erect a storefront in the mall to provide walkers with T-shirts, healthy snacks and information. The seniors provided testimonials regarding how they enjoyed the program.

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