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The Wilson Park and Recreation Department emphasized healthy eating and playing sports to help build a strong and healthy body. Children participated in sports such as basketball and tennis, and learned skills they could take into adulthood to continue being physically active. Fitness tests throughout the summer were used to gauge changes in the participants' levels of strength and endurance. Healthy snacks and lunches were provided to emphasize the importance of healthy eating in building strong bodies. A health fair for the children was held where they had blood pressures checked, as well as received medals as a reward for skill building. The overall program added value to existing programs by providing information in a new and exciting way. Even the staff were able to lower their blood pressure and high blood cholesterol levels. In the future, more whole family activities will be held so that everyone gets involved.

The department also offered a drop-in weight program for adults. Participants were given journals to help track their progress. Partnering with local trainers and nutrition specialists was an integral part of discussing the importance of proper use of weights, healthy eating, and the benefits of increasing muscle mass.

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