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Activities to encourage heart-healthy eating and physical activity are described for each magnet center site, according to the 5 P's of Hearts N' Parks: People, Programs and Practices, Public Visibility, Partnering, and Performance Indicators. As in 2003, almost all indicators of heart-healthy eating and physical activity significantly improved for participants in 2004. In addition, the number of programs that measured performance increased to 168. Some limitations in collecting performance indicators from community participants included high attrition rates and data entry issues. For additional information, see the Report of 2004 Magnet Center Performance Data.

The map below illustrates the names and locations of the 4 Hearts N' Parks magnet center sites in Illinois. Select the heart-shaped symbol ( small heart graphic ) or the name of the appropriate location on the map to read about their year one Hearts N' Parks activities. When clicking on the map, you will be taken to the "Youth" Abstract for the magnet center by default. From that page, you will be able to switch between the "Youth" and "Adult" abstracts. Sites without links did not provide a description of activities.


Decatur Youth Adult
Homewood Youth Adult
Rockford Youth Adult
Urbana Youth Adult

image of Illinois map indicating magnet sites

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