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(For the Health of Your Heart)

Salud logo The goal of the Salud para su Corazón Initiative is to foster heart health in the family and within the community at large. As depicted by the logo, the community plays a crucial role in the initiative's implemetation. The people inside the heart represent the community. The "hands" shaping the heart represent the idea that it is in the people's hands to take care of their heart health. The "hands" also represent the information that will enable people to learn what to do to better themselves. The mosaic background represents the harmonious blending of all Latino nationalities in the United States.

Through the involvement of the community, the Community Alliance Working for Heart Health provides ownership of the initiative and enables it to take root and flourish. The outcome is a model cardiovascular health promotion program for Latinos. The model was tested originally in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, and we hope it will be implemented in Latino communities across the Nation.

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