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Other Names for Thalassemias

The various types of thalassemia have specific names related to the severity of the disorder. (For more information about the types of thalassemia, go to "What Causes Thalassemias?")

Alpha Thalassemias

  • Alpha thalassemia silent carrier
  • Alpha thalassemia minor, also called alpha thalassemia trait
  • Hemoglobin H disease
  • Alpha thalassemia major, also called hydrops fetalis

Beta Thalassemias

  • Beta thalassemia minor, also called beta thalassemia trait
  • Beta thalassemia intermedia
  • Beta thalassemia major, also called Cooley's anemia or beta-zero (ß0) thalassemia
  • Beta-plus (ß+) thalassemia
  • Mediterranean anemia
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Last Updated: July 3, 2012